Sunday, October 02, 2016

Connect me to a Nigerian woman who has love for younger men

Hello Eya,
Am Kenneth from Delta state, Nigeria. I stumbled upon your blog concerning wives townhall connection and I deemed it fit to email you. I am a 28year old young man who is educated and good looking, who has this affinity for women who are more  advanced and matured than I am. But unfortunately, I have never been opportuned to be  with one due to my inability to find one. Please help me and connect me to a genuine woman who has love for a
younger man. Am not necessarily doing this for the goodies that come with it,  but want to  have a feel of being in a  relationship with an advanced woman. Please do not see this as a childish act,  I  am  not  a joker . Help me and I  will sincerely be grateful. Thanks a lot,   .

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