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Can we cut our traditional wedding cake instead?

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Hi Aunty Eya,
I need your advice and words from other readers too. I am planning my wedding which is coming up in DECEMBER...both traditional  and the white weddings same day and I am Igbo. So, I will go to church in the morning and then the traditional wedding will be the reception. My fiance and I want to make the traditional cake as the only cake to cut which was the reason for an argument between me and my sister. She insisted that the
white wedding cake should be the only cake to be cut to mark the end of the white wedding and according to her, that's how it is done. For me and my fiancé, we don't want to do just what everybody does because to us, weddings should be personal. So, my question, is my sister right, must a white wedding cake be cut instead of the traditional wedding cake?
Thanks a lot in advance for your response.


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    Well poster, for me, it's your day and you get to do what makes you happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. The important thing is the marriage ceremony, enough food and drinks for your guests and every other thing na jara. Whether you cut the Nigerian cake or the oyibo cake, you are married and have your certificate. If the traditional wedding cake is what you want to cut, for me, it's fine o, after all, both events are happening on same day. Both cakes re baked with flour and sugar, the only difference is the design.

  2. It really doesn't matter which you cut. That's not even relevant to the success of the wedding. the decision is primarily urs. Do what pleases you. Period

  3. Lol...ok, thanks a lot Aunty Eya.

  4. i don't think your sister should decide for you and your spouse to be,do what will make the two of u happy,if she still insisted she can actually prepare it on your behalf and place side by side wt the


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