Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bride dumped after husband took her for a swim and saw her with no-make-up for the first time

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Shouldn't he have taken her for this "leisurely" swim before the wedding? Just days after her marriage, an Arab bride was dumped by her husband after he saw her with no make-up, said a psychologist who counselled the unidentified woman.
The 34-year-old Arab groom divorced his 28-year-old bride, said the doctor, because the husband believed she did not look as pretty as before the wedding and accused her of deceiving him by using so many cosmetics, including fake eyelashes.

Dr Abdul Aziz Asaf, consultant psychologist, said that his clinic received a request from the woman to help her overcome her psychological suffering after her divorce.

Dr Asaf did not reveal the woman’s identity for reasons of confidentiality.
According to Gulf News, the groom took his bride to Al Mamzar Beach for a leisurely swim
but the outing turned tragic when her face became wet and her makeup reportedly washed away.

The groom said he could not recognise his wife after the make-up was gone.

The bride wore artificial eyelashes and had undergone cosmetic surgeries before the marriage.
The couple’s engagement lasted for six months.

Dr Asaf said the bride told him that she intended to tell her husband the truth about her but it was too late. “The groom immediately divorced his bride and refused any attempt to reunite them again,” Dr Asaf said.


  1. Do you blame the groom? She should have told him before the wedding. In a way I blame him because marriage is for better or worse.

  2. He actually married her for the beauty without any true love attached,why did she portray what she's not.A lesson for all,try and be yourself and dont live a fake life.

  3. Anty Eya,thank God we can now make comments and ask Questions,because sincerely all those confirm you are not a robots was quite annoying,& none ever go tru after several clicking.Kudos.


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