Monday, October 17, 2016

Boyfriend of woman with TWO vaginas reveals all about Their

Close-up of couple's legs in bed together

NurseryRN was born with a "complete uterine didelphys", a condition wherein a woman has a double uterus, with two cervixes and in the case of NurseryRN - two vaginas.
And after her hugely popular Reddit 'Ask Me Anything', her boyfriend has stepped in to give his no-holds-barred perspective.

"My girlfriend has two vaginas"

Although it seems twicethefunn (we see what he did there) opened himself up to a lot of explicit chat and questioning, many users were genuinely curious and raised some interesting questions.

So what were his first thoughts when he found out?

"This sounds fun."
Probably could have guessed that'd be his answer. As for how he found out, the man in question explained:
"Well, before we started dating she mentioned she had two of something most girls don't.
"After a couple minutes of guessing I finally figured it out. It was an interesting conversation."
Then the questions got a little more anatomical, with one user asking "Does it [sex] feel different?" to which twicethefunn answered:

"Yes, but then again all vaginas are different."

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