Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blac Chyna Bought Herself A $400,000 Rolls Royce as "push present" For when she gives Birth next Month

Mum of one getting ready for her EDD in November. Chyna is almost due. According to E!, the 28-year-old paid for her new ride with a cashier's check and she showed off her "push present" on Snapchat. Although a "push present" is usually gifted by a pregnant woman's partner after giving birth, it looks like Chyna was on her own. She was by herself and fiancé Rob did not come along. Hm...
Lavish push presents run in the family. Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian showed off her $1 million diamond choker from husband Kanye West after the birth of their second child, Saint.
Chyna's solo shopping trip could have something to do with the ongoing issues between the
new couple. This month, it was reported that their reality show, Rob & Chyna, may be cancelled because of Rob's erratic behavior and unwillingness to show up.

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  1. If I was still giving birth to babies, I'd consider getting these push presents for myself because it's not easy at all. Even a piece of jewelry, dress or any beautiful thing I love and can afford. Doesn't have to be very expensive.
    Has anyone here ever bought herself a push present before/ after delivery? Or it doesn't matter...


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