Thursday, October 20, 2016

Adrienne Bailon And Her Fiancé Are "Saving" Themselves Before Marriage

Adrienne Bailon has found love with her fiancé gospel singer Israel Houghton, and they are really having a blowout bash. In an interview with People, Bailon described her bachelorette party, which was co-ed, and it sounds like it was almost as fancy as many people’s actual weddings. She says, “We’re very D.I.Y. people and we’re hands both for our wedding and the shower...The Eiffel towers were black but we wanted them rose gold like my engagement ring, so we got spray paint and sat on the deck of our house and spray painted them ourselves. We had
frames that I got there and put pictures in it. I did all the table setting myself with Israel.”
She also says her friend and co-host on The Real, Jeannie Mai, arranged all the games, adding, “She had people re-enacting moments in our relationship and then some that were very risque since we’re saving ourselves.”
Saving ourselves means that they will not 'DO IT' before marriage.

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