Thursday, October 27, 2016

A bodybuilder has died of ecstasy overdose after inviting couple to parents' £1.5m home to ‘watch them have sex’

Jordan Gratwick
A keen bodybuilder died after overdosing on ecstasy with a couple who say he invited them to his parents £1.5 million home so he could 'watch them have sex', an inquest heard .
Jordan Gratwick, 26, was left fitting and 'foaming at the mouth' in the garden of the large country house after taking a significant quantity of the party drug.
The male model allegedly used ecstasy, also known as MDMA, in the summer house
with couple Laima Sinka and Brandon Hersey, who he had met for the first time that evening at a nightclub.
He then invited them back to his family's home in the picturesque village of Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.
The inquest heard the trio left Moo Moo's nightclub in nearby Fleet by taxi in the early hours of June 3 - stopping so Mr Gratwick could withdraw money from a supermarket cashpoint.
Police told the inquest they believed the cash may have been subsequently used to buy the MDMA, which they allegedly all took.
In a statement, Ms Sinka claimed that, in the summer house, Mr Gratwick asked if he could 'watch her and her boyfriend have sex' and that he also placed his hand on her thigh.
Ms Sinka said her boyfriend took exception and told Mr Gratwick not to touch her, and the pair had a discussion in the garden while she was being sick.
In a statement, Ms Sinka said: "He said he would like to watch Brandon and I having sex. He had his hand on my thigh and Brandon said not to touch me."
Having gone outside, the pair returned and she added: "Brandon and Jordan came back and Jordan was standing in the doorway.
"I wanted to leave, but Jordan prevented me by standing in the doorway.
"It appeared Jordan was not listening and he appeared to be spaced out.
"He put his hands around Brandon's neck. I was really scared because I thought Jordan was going to kill Brandon and rape me."
The two men then walked to the side of the summer house, when Mr Gratwick then fell to floor, Basingstoke Coroner's Court, Hants, heard.
A statement from Mr Hersey, recalling the moment, said: "He was just staring into my eyes and was non-responsive.
"I pulled his arms off me and he let go. He went round the corner and then fell to the ground.
"He fell on to his front. I then moved him to the recovery position. He turned blue and started fitting. Foam was coming out of his mouth."
Ms Sinka ran to the house and woke Mr Gratwick's father Adam, an antiques dealer, who came outside to help his son until paramedics arrived.
However, they were unable to save him.
A post-mortem investigation found Mr Gratwick had a "concentration of MDMA in blood that is significantly raised and likely to result in toxicity".
Mr Gratwick's partner Elizabeth Reynolds told the inquest he took various brands of steroids and had made an appointment to get support with alcohol problems.
She added: "I know he had been into bodybuilding and spent a lot of time in the gym prior to our relationship.
"He was using a large amount of steroids. He had different brands which he would inject into the shoulder or thigh area."

Source: MirrorUk

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