Friday, October 28, 2016

66 Year old Nigerian nanny allegedly force-feeds a baby to death

A 66-year-old US-based Nigerian nanny, Oluremi Oyindasola has been charged with murder for force feeding an eight-month-old baby, which led to her death.
nbcwashington explained that a video surveillance camera showed Oluremi forcefully feeding Enita Salubi after the baby who was in a walker woke her from sleep.
The nanny who tried to feed her without success was said to have pulled the baby from her

walker and forcefully poured a large amount of milk in her mouth.
The video surveillance camera showed that the baby struggled while being fed a first bottle before Oluremi force-fed her with another bottle of milk.
When Oluremi noticed Enita wasn’t responding anymore, she called her father who called 911 and the child was taken to the hospital.
Unfortunately, Enita was pronounced dead at the hospital while autopsy revealed that Enita died after choking on her food.

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