Thursday, September 29, 2016

Young mum battered so hard by ex boyfriend, she didn't recognize her face

Brogan Sloan
Brogan Sloan, 21, was battered by Dominic McLuskey after he launched a savageattack as she slept at her Gateshead home.
The assault lasted up to an hour, leaving her with a broken nose, a missing front tooth and covered in bruises.
McLuskey pleaded guilty at Newcastle Crown Court to carrying out the vicious attack and was jailed for 13 months.
But now brave Brogan has spoken out and slammed the sentence for being too short.
She said: “I was pleased he got something but I thought he would get longer than what he did, especially for his previous assaults. One more punch could have killed me and he only gets 13 months?
"It’s ridiculous.
“Up until the attack I couldn’t fault him as a boyfriend. He was good with my son, that’s what attracted me most. But his biggest weaknesses was drink. It turned him into a monster.”
On February 21 this year Brogan and McLuskey returned to her Gateshead home after a night out.

The mum-of-one slept with her phone under her pillow, woke up when the brute launched his assault after scrolling through her phone and reading old messages.
She lay at the foot of the bed while McLuskey punched and kicked her in a sustained attack lasting an hour.
He ripped her pyjamas while she kept asking: “Why do it? Why do it?”
Source: Mirror

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