Monday, September 26, 2016

Woman amazed to see ghost of her DEAD MUM peering out the window of their home

Sue Palmer spotted the 'ghost of her mum Betty' at the window whilst taking a photo of her daughter Jessie, left

Sue, a mother herself, moved into the 1950s building 16 years ago and claims daughter Jessie, 25, had always suspected there was a “presence” in the house.
Her mother Betty died of lung cancer four years ago aged 79, but before then a medium told Jessie a ghost called Frank was watching over her in the house.
The paranormal enthusiast also told the family “orbs” were floating around the house.
Sue, a single mum-of-three from Beverley, Yorkshire, said: “I took the picture of Jessie and Rudi both welcoming me home, but when I showed a friend she pointed out another face.
“The face in the corner of the window looks just like my mum’s face in an old picture of her from when she was about 21.
“The night after I took that photo we went into the same room and could strongly smell cigarette smoke, even though no one in our home smokes.

“But my mum was a big smoker, she smoked from the age of 13 until the day she died.
“It started making me think – there is definitely something strange going on.”
Sue believes the ghostly figure at her window was the spirit of her mum Betty (pictured)

She added: “Jessie has always been adamant there was something in the house.
“Since the age of nine she sleepwalked all the time and always used to say she could see things in her bedroom – someone sat on the end of the bed – and could never sleep in there.
“This went on for about eight years until we swapped bedrooms, and after that she was absolutely fine but she has still insisted there is something in the house.
“Even now she hears things and won’t stay there on her own.
“Rudi sleeps in the bedroom with me and always growls at the wall when there is nothing there, so who knows if there could be a presence.
“I don’t know if there is an afterlife or not, but I know something like that is not going to hurt you.
“When Jessie had her tarot cards read they said her gran was always with her.
Source: The SunUk

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