Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wet Wipe Warning: Furious mum demands Aldi product recall after wet wipes ‘made her daughter’s face look badly sunburned’

Hayley Neale's daughter Martha suffered a skin reaction to Aldi's Mamia Newborn wipes

Hayley Neale had been buying the Mamia Newborn Wipes to use on two-year-old Martha for a few weeks, after a friend recommended them as being good for sensitive skin.
But when little Martha wiped her face with wipes from a new pack, she was left with red and sore skin.
Single mum Hayley, from Birmingham, told the Birmingham Mail: “I get through several packets a week with my two little ones and I’d not had a problem before. But these wipes caused an instant reaction.”
She added: “Martha has sensitive skin so I’ve always been really careful. For a long time I only used water wipes. But then someone told me about Aldi’s sensitive wipes so I tried them and they were great, saving me a lot of money.

“I then moved onto the newborn ones and they were no trouble either.
“But to see Martha’s skin after using this batch, it was really red and blotchy. She was so uncomfortable, she kept touching her face which was hot and shiny for several hours afterwards.
“It was like she’d been sunburnt.”

Source: The Sun.

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