Friday, September 30, 2016

Video: Blac Chyna publishes Rob Kardashian’s phone number, explains why she did it

Well, I watched their show 'Rob and Chyna' episodes 1 and 2 and I think that sometimes it's stressful watching their relationship. Rob and Blac Chyna have a very rocky relationship considering they haven't even been together for long. The fights, misunderstanding and kicking out of the house are just too may for a young couple who know people are watching them. As a former fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians, I know that Robs family is not violent at all, they are not troublesome people, very soft spoken and insults don't easily flow out of their mouth. Although they have aspects of their lives we don't like but they are a very peace loving, united family. They always put family first and that is how I see Rob. For his Fiancee Blac Chyna, I don't really k now much about but if I were to be a match maker, Lol, I won't try matching them o. I think Blac Chyna will do better with a Rapper, Black boy gra gra kind of person while Rob will cope better with a level headed calm girl ( That's me o, at least I'm free to say how I feel). Chyna is always too quick to kick Rob out of her house and that too is very depressing for a man like Rob with body image issues.

Rob first of all accused Chyna of passwording her phone, keeping secrets in there and all, now Chyna finds out he still texts females and publishes his phone number on Twitter for everyone to see.

She explains below, why she did that.

Chyna explained her actions on Snapchat. “To ensure that your man is not texting no bitches, just tweet his number out,” she said. “How’s that feel, Rob?”

“Feels good,” her fiancé said with a smile while standing behind her.

“Get your number changed, thank you!” she added. "And to all these females wanna keep texting his phone 'cause they had his number before, talking about 'You good? You and Chyna good?' Naw, we good! We good. We straight, all right?"

The pair, who are expecting their first child together in November, are no strangers to endless drama and earlier this week Rob tweeted out sister Kylie Jenner's number to his 6.69million followers.

It reportedly all stemmed from the fact Rob is living separately from Blac until their daughter is born because they don't want their fighting to affect their unborn baby.

See the video below...

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