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Aunty Eya, please help me post this on your blog. Im getting married end of next month. We have already sorted out everything except food. We did not intend to leave it till this last minute. This is what happened. We are wedding in my husband's church so some of his friends suggested we use one woman eho is a caterer in their church. I havent attended a wedding she catered to but I have eaten food she cooked fot a food program and it was nice.

When we approached her in June, we told her what we wanted which is rice (jollof and fried rice) for 350 (but upto 400) guests, swallow with 2 soups ie egusi and vegetable(afang) for 150 guets, Salad for 250 guests, moin moin for 200 guests. She gave us a budget of 170k. She is not buying meat as we are buying a cow. Three days later, she called me and said she gave wrong budget, that she would do it for 220k. I told her ok, lets remove the rice. She is suppoed to cook one and half bag of rice. After removing the rice, the total amounted to 187k. We agreed and signed an agreement that first week of October, we would give her 150k. We already bought the rice. The cow is not a problem.

Aunty Eya, imagine my surprise when she called me on Friday to say that she can no longer collect 187k,  that its 280k last. Remember we have bought rice and cow. I tried to reason with her that the wedding is 3weeks away and there is no way we can top 100k extra for her like that. She said she miscalculated with her earlier budget. I asked her if that was my fault. If she is a professional caterer as she claimed, there is no way she would have given us wrong estimate TWICE!! I tried to persuade her to understand because our finances have stretched thin but she wouldn't budge. Now its 3weeks to my wedding and I have to look for another caterer. I would appreciate swift, good and affordable recommendations. This is what i want and my budget is 200k. I can go slightly higer though:

A. Rice (jollof and fried) for 350 guests but there should be extra to serve about 50more guests.
B. Swallow/ Semo and two soup ie Egusi and afang soup
C. Moin moin for 200 guests 
D. Salad for 250 guests
E. 10 server boys
F. Atleast 500 plates and spoons for serving 
G. Coolers
H. Serving dishes
J. Serving spoons. All to be provided by the caterer.
K. Cooler of rice/meat to be removed for the couple
L. Small cooler of rice/meat to be removed for the officiating pastor.

The couple will be providing one and half bag of rice and one cow.

Venue for the wedding is Festac and I woukd love for the food to be cooked in Festac.

I would appreciate your recommendations. 


  1. Poster. Go to sdk. You will get help faster from there. All d best

  2. Y wld u say that so she can't get help on WC? Pls think before u type.

  3. Bride please contact us Ajebutter catering services on 08137269534...We are based in Festac. Let's cater for you.

  4. Madam ur budget is unrealistic as you ave already been advised on SDK. Beta pay the 280k b4 the price increases again. In this Buhari era,everything na mirage.

  5. With all you listed you cant get a good offer, try to up your budget oh

  6. Well, contact De'bunmi Ajebutter catering services. Thank God you got help here.


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