Monday, August 08, 2016


Good day ma...thanks for coming up with such a beautiful blog,it's a saviour for my likes.this is my first pregnancy and am 11 weeks gone. I have numerous questions and worries..
*How soon should i book an appointment with a doctor?
*When do i start antenatal?
*For pregnacare and folic acid,when do i start taking them and do i need to see a doctor first before i start takin them?
Thanks for anticipated response


  1. Thanks. At 20 weeks, you should get registered for antenatals, but if there are any issues, go to the hospital without delay. When you go for registration, your next appointment will be fixed and so on till you give birth, Please do not take any medications until you see a Doctor and get prescription that's ok for your body and baby.
    Take care of yourself, rest well, eat fruits and vegetables with lots of proteins and ... have a safe delivery

  2. Congrats ... you can start antenatal immediately but only in a private hospital, government hospitals will only attend to you as from 13weeks. It is advisable that women who want to conceive should start taking folic acid right before conception and after you discover you are pregnant take blood tablets(red one) ,folic acid and food rich in all other nutrients.

  3. The earlier the better. Ensure you stick to instructions. Have a safe delivery.

  4. Does she need doctors prescription before taking folic acid or pregnacare?You are supposed to start folic acid immediately & if you can afford pregnacare,go for it.Teemah

  5. Folic acid is for your baby and it is very important for her development. The earlier you start antenatal care the better. Congratulations


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