Dodo Gizzard, Nigerian White Soup, Okra Soup, Pepper soup Plus More Nigerian Recipes To Cook This Weekend

I am not good enough for my husband

Designers who create Islamic clothing and headscarves ...taking part in the “enslavement of women”... Pierre Berge

Belated Birthday Wishes For My Number One Baby Girl

Saudi Arabia to Execute the Gays for Open Displays of Homosexuality

Kim Kardashian Inspired Karrueche Tran’s New Face

Police Sergeant Slumps In Hotel With Corporal's Wife

Taking Husband's Name After Marriage Dates Back To When Women Were Seen As Property Says Professor

This is no love story, he was a cruel husband': Ex-wife of EgyptAir hijacker who took plane to see her in Cyprus reveals he was a jobless drug addict and their five-year marriage was 'hell'

Parents sue after adopting Chinese girl, 8, with spina bifida only to find she is also deaf, blind, has hepatitis C, epilepsy, and scoliosis -agreeing-care-Chinese-girl-8-spina-bifida-deaf-blind-hepatitis-C-epilepsy-scoliosis

Good morning house

Suspicious of my husband, Something isn't right

When Your Wedding Guests Haven't Eaten And

My Husband's Ex Emailed Me "Your New Husband Was In My Bed Last Week" Should I Believe Her Or Hubby?

Former Model Hangs Herself, Leaves Note She Was Physically And Mentally Abused By Husband

Bouncing Baby Boy Found In Pit Toilet Yesterday

He always wants to know my every move, How long I'll spend when I go out

I Lied To Him About Being A Virgin; Should I Just Leave?

What Can I Use For Skin Discoloration Caused By Pregnancy?

Easter Festival Is Cancelled As Jesus' Statue Topples Over Into Crowd

A Doctor Has Had His Registration Cancelled For Failure To Properly Diagnose Appendicitis

A Bouncy Castle Blew Away In High Winds Killing 7 Year Old

Khloe And Lamar Together Easter Service

Christ Is Risen! Happy Easter

Baby Born With Full Set Of Hair has become an overnight Internet sensation after mom shares selfie Online

Is It True That Challenges Don't Come To Those Who Pay Tithe?

3 Months Later, Ex Wife Is Pregnant For Judge Who Dissolved Her Marriage

Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Cynthia Bailey 'no longer living' with husband Peter Thomas

How wives make sex mistakes but blame their husbands

Man Admitted To Killing His Wife Because She Won't Stop Talking

Easter Celebrations Around The World

Picture Of The Day

A Respected Spy Exposed By Wife Over Secret Gay Sex

Viral Poop-Date-Lady Now Hit By Suitors

Microsoft deletes 'teen girl' Chat Robot after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours

I'll Like To Share My Story With Wives Connection Readers...

Nigerian Easter Recipes To Cook This Weekend

See How Unicorns Are Made

Everything In This Home Was Precious To The Owner, She Won't Throw Anything Out

This 19 Year Old has the mental age of 7, struggles to balance and cannot dress himself after Mom was bitten by mosquitoes during pregnancy - Mom Reveals

So Allergic To Water, Even Tear Drops Can Cause Her Pain

Undateable Stammerer Now Planning A Wedding After Appearing On A Dating Show

Woman Impregnates Herself To Avoid Death Row

Update On Cojoined Twins Miracle And Testimony

My Good Friday Lunch Is...

I Am Happily Married Not Living Happily Ever After

Reality Star In Tears Following Cruel Comments About The Shape Of Her Ears

Dad Marries 1 Year Old Daughter Who Has Just Few Days To Live

READ THIS: I Have A Story To Tell, It's About My Poop

Woman "Burns Vagina" In A Dance Off Trying To Wow Her Audience

Lady Tells Starbucks Barista Her Name Is Beyonce And Gets THIS Response From Them

By The Time I Realized, We Had Booked Down Everything And Paid Deposits To Many Vendors

How To Cook Unripe Pawpaw (Papaya) Soup

We Are Worried About My Son And His Controlling Wife

Passed On: Dr Gary Smalley Who Helped Christians Make Love Last Forever

Daughters stand by father found guilty of murdering their mother - despite rows caught on home CCTV

Pregnancy Cravings Made Me Eat Most Of My Arm Chair

I started feeling sick right when I used a tampon - Schoolgirl

She seems like a really nice girl but I just haven't been around her - Kris Jenner

Charged For Engaging In Oral Sex With Two Pet Dogs

My Best Looks At The South African Film And Television Awards - SAFTAS 2016

His Whole Family Stopped Communicating; Blocked Me Off Facebook

How To Celebrate, Have A Fun Easter In Nigeria

2016 Easter Movies To Watch With Family

These Women Don't Look Their Ages

She Is Friends With My husband, Am I Wrong For Requesting Her Hubby's Friendship ?

My Fiance Returns To Nigeria This Year; How Do I Make Him Understand Not Yet Ready For Marriage?

Naming a second son after my husband, ok?

5 Reasons Your Husband Does Not Touch You Anymore

Ended Things But I continue to miss my affair partner and I don't feel any appetite for sex with my wife.

Can I Try Online Dating At 55?

I Saw Him Through His Front Window; Should I Still Go For Sunday Lunch?

There may be no hope of a misogynistic Senate passing a Bill that seeks to empower women and the girl-child, protect them from discrimination and violence, rescue them from being treated like chattel... - Reuben Abati

Saturday Lunch Was This Delicious Rice

Clearly You Are The Dumbest Girl That I Have Ever Met; You Kn ow What? Your Purpose Is Going To Be To Have Sex And Have Children. You Are Never Going To Be Smart - Teacher

Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA) Star Kenya Moore Is Reportedly Pregnant

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