Third Mainland Bridge Death Trap: Lagosians be careful



I have always noticed a portion of land at the right hand side of the road with two big gates imme   diately you descend the THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE going towards Adekunle but I have never really  thought it could be a hide out for the MEN of the UNDERWORLD but  last week Friday I came in direct contact with them.

On my way home from work I took a bus from Obalende to
Yaba which is my normal route to and fro work every day. Immediately the bus descended the third mainland bridge the conductor jumped down and two men opened the big gates while beckoning on the driver to drive in. This was at 7:00pm. As soon as  I noticed it, I started shouting and telling him  that it's not possible because there is no road there connecting Yaba (at least not any that I know of) the men and the conductor insisted and I continued shouting and holding the driver maintaining that he continued on the proper route or I  get down  from the bus ( while  this was going on between I and the driver nobody in the bus talked . I also noticed  a man in white regalia in front of me  who I think was working with them because he kept stirring at me and never said anything rather he will look and face down as if he was pressing something ).

While struggling with the driver, one man at the back of the  seat stood up and said he wanted to get down and if they have a bad plan it has failed starting with him(I was at the middle seat). So we became two that were continuous of the environment aside from the people I guess were in conjunction with the driver and others who  didn't know what was going on.
Seeing that I was drawing attention because some other vehicles  were slowing down, the driver made a U-turn back to third mainland bridge while making signs to those that opened the gate for him to join him and I kept shouting that he was a killer and that they want to either rob or kill us so he turned back to Adekunle.( I want to say here that the driver never defended himself or countered what I was saying)

 After we entered Adekunle road, some of the passengers were startled because I  continued talking about it as we drove along Herbert Macaulay road. According to them, they didn't even know what I  was talking about  (I concluded they were under a spell) .

 I took it as one of those things after telling some members of my family the story that night.

 But the story took a new turn this morning when  a friend I boarded a bus with on my way to work   told me that a guy left Ikorodu  for UNILAG yesterday to defend his project and up til now his friends and family have not seen him and he has been  declared missing.

While thinking of the danger so many people might be in right now, I decided to tell  her my story and hoped she would also spread it to others  but while narrating  my story to my friend,  the driver of the bus heard us and he confirmed that  some mysterious things are happening there truly. He said  that some people were rubbed under the same bridge two day ago after a bus drove into the same place  and  a man from this neighborhood  was among the victims (I believe it was a planned job between the robbers and the driver of the vehicle).


  1. I think I have to post it on my blog would reference Wives connection

  2. Thank you so much for this warning poster. God bless you...

  3. You should get this to Linda Ikeji to publish also since she has a larger following. It could save someones's life.

    Thanks for the warning.

  4. My God. Me dt was a novice in dt lagos n was going alone especially dt route. Hey Father I thank you. Better am off dt lagos of a place.


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