The 10 Most Common Causes Of Divorce And How You Can Prevent It

      The most common reasons people give for their divorce are:
      1. Infidelity: Can be forgiven and fixed
      2. Abuse: can be fixed
      3. Lack of commitment: can be fixed 
      4. Too much argument: can be fixed
      5. Inability to resolve conflict: can be fixed when a couple listens to each other and not just one doing the talking and expecting the other to listen. Can be fixed when the right steps are taken by partners.
      6. Inequality in the relationship; can be fixed when couples see themselves as friends and lovers, not as lord and servant.
      7. Inadequate preparation for marriage 
      8. Finance
      9. Differences in priorities and interests 
      10. Lack of intimacy
      There is no cause of divorce listed here that cannot be fixed if you truly believe in marriage. And I am yet to see any divorce causes that cannot be fixed.



      1. The number 1 reason people give for divorce is “irreconcilable difference”. What does this really mean? It means God is completely out of the equation and should not get involved. Why does this happen?
        1. God was either taken out of the initial arrangement or He was never a part of it (courtship vs. dating).
        2. When challenges came in the cause of the journey, God was ignored.
        3. God sent godly counsel and we choose earthly wisdom…
        However, we see situations where one person makes all the right effort to make it work, while the other is just adamant. It’s much easier when it is the man that wants it to work… at least you are rest assured that issues of physical abuse will not be there.
        The conclusion of this matter is that with God, marriage works!

      2. This "article" is incomplete. It is just a list and nothing is said about the prevention aspect mentioned in the title.

      3. I beg to disagree, sometimes physical abuse cannot be fixed.

      4. the truth is there is no issue in this life that can't be resolved if the 2 people are willing to resolve it

      5. According the scripture: there are just two conditions for any marriage to work. These are
        1. Husbands, love your wives.
        2. Wives, be submissive to your husbands. These two conditions must not be alive at the same time... As long as one of the 'two' is wholeheartedly present at any point in that journey, divorce will forever remain a 'guest'. This is an open secret in the bible and yet we turn blind eyes; we do it our own way and ended up like enemies. It is foolishness to think that we know more than our Creator.
        It is the duty of the man as well as the woman to stay committed to their vows. Once divorce has taken place, the two adults involve should simply eat the blame - not one person!
        Unknowingly, the equation most of us are using now is:
        (Husband) + (wife) + (people's opinion) - (God) = DIVORCE


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