She Is ONE Of My Favourite Authors

Maya Angelou is one of my favourite authors. I enjoy reading her books, I enjoy listening to her voice. Her whole life from childhood to adulthood to death is so inspirational. Her voice to me is heavenly especially when she reads her poems. I have read some of her books and can trade my lunch and dinner for a Maya Angelou book. 

I saw my daughter reading "a song flung up to heaven " after a
few days,  she dumped the book and started reading a Karen Kingsbury novelthat Maya Angelou's big grammar is just too much. To my surprise, her younger sister picked up the book,  started reading and then I realised she was always searching the dictionary.  She enjoys the book but the big grammar is trying to kill her fun. My 9 year old won't drop this book until she read the last page.  Out of curiosity, I picked it up when she was done and honestly, I didn't remember dinner that night. I found a book I couldn't drop for anything.  After that, ok,  let me not forget that at school then, my daughter's class was asked to write about their favourite authors and I saw her researching Maya  Angelou online because she had picked her as her favourite author.  I think that was when I decided to see what's about this author and her book.

 I  was still reading " a sung flung up to heaven" when I went straight to the booksellers and ordered for all Maya Angelou books except the cookbook and her poems. When they arrived, was when I had just finished the novel at hand and come and see happiness.  If you are one of our Naija wives who says she cannot do without watching Mexican soap operas, try reading  a Maya Angelou book . I enjoy reading her books and can bury myself in there the whole day. I haven't read all at the moment, but the ones I've read are wonderful.  Her life will teach us all that you can come from anywhere and be anything in life. The fact that she had a fatherless child as a teenager, didn't go to College, yet became such a phenomenon.  If you don't know or haven't heard about Maya Angelou? I don't know what to tell you. She married an African once, lived in Africa as a young woman,  she connected so well with the people of Ghana and was offered employment beyond her qualification because no one would believe Maya never went to college.  The language in her books, you just know she's  writing for an elite audience. 

I  keep watching Tyler Perry's "family reunion" over and over again because I love to listen to Maya speak like an angel.
I read a bit of "I know why the caged bird sings" this morning and would encourage us to read Maya Angelou. By the way, I heard something, that, if you want to hide anything from a Nigerian,  put it in between the pages of a book. I responded that I am Nigerian and I love books, not all books sha oh! I have only a few authors I enjoy and Maya Angelou is high up there on the list.
Sweet dreams!
please, please read a book before going to bed. 

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  1. Maya was phenomal and I not even read any of her books yet. I love reading her quotes though. Will definitely look for any of her books before the year runs out.

    Thanks for sharing Aunty Eya!


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