Sharing My Best Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas Aunty Eya, I am very happy this Christmas and would like if you can do a post where we get to share our most memorable Christmas experiences this season. I go first: Christmas was always a big thing for us. When I was about five, our parents started putting the tree up in mine and my sister's room. We'd keep the lights on for hours or until my parents went to bed. When we first moved into our own house, I was only three and my parents still had my toys for some reason. My dad would fill our rooms with balloons on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day me and My sister would spend the morning playing with the balloons.
 Christmas lunch and  dinner was always a mix of South African and traditional Christmas food. Still
is. We'd have everyone at our house.
Boxing Day would be spent with my Dad's family.
But it was always Christmas Eve that I loved. We'd go to see my cousins and somehow, we'd all fit into one car. Three of us in the boot and the rest in the front and we'd go and look at Christmas. We always ended the night back at theirs watching videos and eating uncontrollably.
There's still some traditions we keep. We still go and look at the lights, but not on Christmas Eve and only three of us still manage to go. My Dad's parents are both dead and we don't see that side of the family anymore, but aside from the balloon and tree, everything is still pretty much the same. Now I am a graduate and hope to keep these Christmas traditions alive when I finally get married and have my kids. Christmas used to be so much fun, we sneaking and showing our Christmas dresses to our cousins before Christmas proper. Those days were sweet. Now as an adult, Christmas is no longer that fun I don't know why.


  1. When I was about 8-9 , Christmas used to be my best season of the year because the family house was full of activities with uncles and aunts in the cities especially LAGOS,trooping Holme with gifts for us the village naked kids. We looked forward to my mom and dads siblings returning for Christmas.

  2. Anty Eya merry Christmas to you ur beloved family. May d birth of CHRIST bring loads of Blessings to you IJN. Am in calabar rocking it as usual. @poster d reason might be change. It's normal to outgrow some things but still yet u can add /research more ways of adding flavor to ur Xmas like visiting new places etc


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