My Husband Wants To End Our Marriage

Hello Eya,  please hide my email. I lov ur blog. I found it while searching for sumthin in google. My stories goes like this, i married 3yrs ago and i ve been experiencing problems in my marriage. My hubby told he was still in sch a month to my wedding, we dated for one yr and he hid it from me. He was doing bisness wen i met him. My hubby took ill and he spent so much on d illness hence there was no money to renew the rent. My hubby moved me to his parents house. He claimed his parents want to monitor his health. I looked for sumthin small to do while i was wit d parents. I had two miscarriages. I kept praying for my husband health bcos new sickness kept coming up caused by the previous ones. I was determined and believed he wont die. I got pregnant d third time and my hubby told his parents wen i was 3months, everyone was happy bcos dis pregnancy advanced. Buh one day i had sleepless night that caused some mental misbehaviours.

 My inlaws became worried.This sleepless night also made my
husband sleepless which added problem to his own health issue. His mum was angry and yelled on my bro dat they shud cum and get me bfore i kill her son. While in my mum place i had stillbirth during my third trimester. Dat was wen my problem of separation started. My hubby was angry about d full details of how d baby died. Me myself i almost died oh, my mum stayed wit me in d hospital. She did nt sleep. My husband who had rented a house in preparation of d baby got angry and rented d place out. He said i should give him space to clear his head. My husband has nt called me for seven months. I ve been d one calling. He told me that he has relocated. One day i called two of his friends to know his where about, i didnt kn he was upset. He warned me nt to talk to his friends or he will change his password. I got their numbers thru his fb. My relatives wants to hold a meeting, buh he seem to  b dragging it, so i confronted him to say his mind and stop posting my relative. Dat was wen he said he is tired of s marriage. My heart was broken, i was very angry and i said if i curse u?  I didnt kn dat d word touched him, he told his mum immediately. She called me and warned me dat if i dont stay away from her son she wud do sumthin to me. I felt bad dat i acted too fast. Buh y did he ve to tell her. Has anyone gone through dis kind of problem and came out of it. I dont like divorce. I love God so much and love to obey his word. Please advise me as everyday is tortuose.


  1. Hi Poster, sorry about the miscarriages, you talked about mental disturbances and still birth plus miscarriages but didn't say what is causing those. What did the Doctor say? I'm stil trying to understand your post, sorry.

  2. Hormononal changes caused d sleeplessness. My second pregnancy i had chronic cough abd took antibiotics prescribed by doc at three months, he claimed it was mild and wont disturb d baby. Buh unfutunately scan showed my baby nt breathing at three months.

  3. Dear poster, the whole foundation of your marriage seems very shaky from the start. So sorry about your miscarriages and still birth. I will advise you be a lot more prayerful. Why does a young man falls extremely sick so often? Is there any medical explanation why you cant have a full term pregnancy and what caused your sudden mental disorder? All these are very strange. Thats why i suggest serious fasting and prayer for revelation of what is behind these problems.
    I do not agree with divorce but it seems your husband really does not care. With all you went through he rsfused to phone you let alone see you for 7 seems he wants to end the marriage. I know he is probably also devastated about this still birth because you carried gor almost full term so he was really looking forward to see a child of his own. You got married 3yrs ago and you should still be allnover each other and very much close in a kinda honeymoon period type of thing but its the complete opposite in your case.
    Looking at tbis from a different perspective, if you were with someone else you probably may not got through all these miscarriages, mental disorder and seperation. You do not have children/a child together yet so calling the marriage quit may help the situation and you physical, emotional and mental health.

  4. I agree with Lizzy please. I don't understand d part where u say u don't like divorce bcos u like God. So far what I read here, u have suffered even more. U know life is already hard y make it harder for ursef? Within ursef u have tried everything which God knows. Maybe dt marriage wasn't ordained by God. Keep emotions aside and face reality. He is always sick - u always having miscarriage -his mum isn't understanding -hubby isn't loving. To me am not seeing any marriage here. Anyway go to prayers. And seek medical attention about ur health issues

  5. Hmmm na wa o dt man wanted to leave you before maybe he was just holding on cos of hope of d baby,he is probably under pressure from his mum to leave you bcos I don't know y one would be angry at a woman who lost her baby it doesn't make sense,is it ur fault? Did u intentionally kill d child?nobody wants to carry pregnancy for so long and lose d baby but he's just using it as an excuse I think ur problems could be spiritual,pray very well first but if nothing changes then u might have to get divorced cos u can't force a man to stay with u.

  6. Thx lizzy u spoke well. Buh i disagree wit marrying anoda. Brandy i meant i lov to obey God command bcos he hates separation. My husband gives me peace of mind, he doesnt smoke,womanize,or lizzy said dar d marriage is too early for problems. Trust me we were best of friends until dis baby died. Things changed overnight. Is nt easy to start a relationship wit anoda, talkless of him having d qualities u want and then fall inlove again. Yes lizzy u said if it were anoda i wont ve miscarriage, but wat if he cheats and beat me? Pls i need someone dat has gone thru tough times in marriage and later everythin fell into place and d marriage became blissfull. Eya pls post my conment oooh


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