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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Male Prostitute 27, Charged With Murder For Strangling Married Father-Of-Two In A Hotel Room

Manuel Baez, 27, is being charged with the murder of Dr. Howard Baker, 75, who was found killed inside his room at the Rodeway Inn on Monday afternoon, police said.
Baker, who was married with two adult sons, was found naked on the floor with a belt
around his neck, the Associated Press reported.
Surveillance footage showed him leaving the room twice and returning with a different man each time. A man, believed to be Baez, was later seen leaving with Baker’s backpack and wallet.
Homicide captain James Clark told on Thursday that Baez “gave a full confession.”
Apparently, Dr. Baker, who had an office nearby and specialized in “relationship problems” told his wife he was going to be in that area for the Eagles game.
The sins men commit against wives. 

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  1. Hmmmmm 75year old and 1 night stands with male prostitutes cost him his death.....this world is really messed up.


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