An Argumentative Husband; I use the silent Attitude to Avoid Getting More Angry

Madam Eya.I read in your blog about a South African lady in a 3years relationship with a Nigerian guy.Her question about the guys silent attitude whenever his angry brought me to this.Please am a silent type when am angry too.I have a husband who will get me angry and in the midst of the anger,for us to talk about it,he will start arguing,telling you why what he did is right,that he did
notting wrong.Making you to understand that your the one thats wrong by picking offence,that his always right in his character.He even interrogates you as you try to discuss the issue.So how am i suppose to handle this please?Why i use the silent attitude is to avoid getting more angry because i so much dislike argument and a man who claim to know it all


  1. I like your method poster, silence is golden. If you both start verbal exchanges, The argument might last for days.

  2. Oh yeah silent is truly golden. Since u already know him with such behavior don't always take it serious wen he put blames on u. Just smile it out n accept den Wen in a happy mood u can state ur points. If every woman ll learn to be silent in conflict issues there ll b less broken homes n issue of men laying hands on wmen.

  3. You are on the right track poster keep being silent when one person is fire the other can be water cos couples divorce over toothpaste and it's not really d toothpaste but d tinz they said to each other during the argument,i pray God blesses me with d power to hold my tongue too.


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