I Love My Wife But Still Dream Of My Long Gone Ex Girlfriend Who Is Now Married With Children

Happy weekend Aunty Eya, thanks and God bless you for the things we learn daily in wives  connection blog. I thought by now, things would have naturally resolved themselves but these thoughts and dreams keep coming against my wish.
I've been married for 6 years and with my wife for a total of 8 years but on and off throughout our relationship. I keep
thinking about my ex, not just the odd thought but excessively. I dream about her every couple of months, I don't dream about anyone or anything else on a regular basis like this. I know I still have feelings for my ex whilst I do love my wife, I just don't know how to forget about the ex and move on. This is becoming a really big issue for me now as its been 8 years of regular thought and dreams and I just want to put her out of my mind and move on. I should probably also mention that my ex is now married too, and we both have children.
What do I do to move on? Do I talk to my ex? What if she feels the same? What if she doesn't? Usually I can make my own decisions and have control over my feelings but this one won't go away.
Any advice would be appreciate as my feelings for my ex seem to get stronger and stronger the more time that passes. I have fasted and prayed about this issue, yet it lingers on.


  1. I don't advice you to contact her because you'll be fuelling an already quenched fire! Dreams might be a representation of what was or what used to exist or what could have been.
    However, there's no need crying over spilt milk. If the both of you are still single, then fine you can contact her but now, it's not important. What's important is that you'face and focus on your family'

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  2. Did you make a blood covenant or any other kind of oath with her? If you did then I would advice that you see your pastor for prayers and probably deliverance. If there is no oath between you then examine yourself to determine what you miss about her. When you identify it, you can find a way of incorporating it into your marriage. Please don't contact her as this would only complicate matters. Hope this helps.

  3. Pls stop chatting and calling her,maybe you guys have been doing call sex etc,if you are doing dat you need to stop and be very prayerful. Goodluck

  4. Mr dreamer,pls kindly leave another man's wife alone and move on.

  5. you have make her idol in your heart and you need to break any evil soul tie with her. once you love someone so much or anything to much than God they are idols in your heart. Pray against every evil idol (mention her name) come out of my life, mind and heart. that is the way out. kiss your pass googbye, let her go and in all ways stop communicating and don't ever try to look at her pictures. please always protect your home


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