I Discovered Am Pregnant 2 Months After My Husband's Passing, Now His Friend Wants To Date, Should I tell Him About The Pregnancy?

Hi Aunty Eya, your blog has been a blessing to my family even before my husband passed on. I have learnt to cook some nice meals from your blog. Thank you. To the blog visitors too who have taught me so much with  their words of advice, thanks a zillion. My husband passed a few months back, he was ill. Two months after, I discovered pregnancy. Now am six months gone but not showing at all. I
doubted pregnancy but different tests and scan confirmed even my delivery date.
My husband's friend and I were close when he was still alive but not in a bad way, he is the friend I could report my husband to and he'll talk sense into his head. Now, he wants to date me. Am I not supposed to murk for atleast one year? So why am I developing feelings for him while mourning? He doesn't know am pregnant and keeps saying that his friend all be happy wherever he s if he finds out I went to him instead of a stranger. What wold people say? I don't know what to say to him. This is my first pregnancy.


  1. Enter your comment...in my toun,it'll b said that u killed ur husband, mourn him for at least a year b4 dating anyone. And yea tell him about the baby


  2. I am so sorry about your loss dear.
    I think you need to chill and give your late husband his respects by mourning for one year. Have you thought of the baby? And have you thought of telling his family? You might need to chill for a while before starting anything serious, you've been through a huge loss and should take some things into consideration before plunging into the relationship circle again. Just take a pause and a deep breath, you need to pray too. It is well!

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  3. Sounds like u joking right? And ds is real, u need a thorough resetting slap girl. Sue

  4. Mydear calm down. Let let d fwend too b calm mbok. Nothing like husband ll b happy where he is ( hope dt not scoop sha) tell him about d baby. Remember u can't hide pregnancy. N besides was he liking u before hubby died? Humans sha. Anyway all u need right now is to b calm about everything, pray pray pray n pray. Tell ur husband ppl about d baby too. Be open it ll help you please. All d best

  5. This your late hubby's friend doesn't see other women in town? Is he married? Poster please concentrate on birthing your child for now,

  6. Do men mourn women for upto a year?
    Madam poster is your late hubby's friend single or married? You can reply under my comment

  7. So sorry for the death of your husband - accept my condolence...
    I will be making some assumption in making my comment and you might also have to provide certain clarification, if you so desire.
    1. Let your new suitor know you’re pregnant.
    2. Provided you were not playing games with him and still remain clean, there’s the likelihood that this might be for real. You need to talk to your pastor… I hope you have one that truly understands the institution of marriage.
    3. If there’s going to be anything going forward, both of you need to be prepared for the gossips that will flow. Only your sincerely will see you through – u no owe anybody explanation. Just ensure you get it right with God.
    4. If it was the other way round, I tell you – your husband will get married if the ‘right’ woman comes around.
    5. Even if you’re going ahead, don’t rush into it.
    6. This guy – what happened to his relationships; abi him no get plans before?
    Madam is asking me to come for dinner… sure I will get back to this later.

  8. I am seriously considering mourning my husband for one year but my pastor didn't wait that long before picking up another wife. Husbands are very scarce nowadays and am worried there may be no suitors when am ready and waiting. I see what is happening these days and am worried.
    My late husband's family never liked me, those people showed me pepper and didn't hide the fact. . If am sure I will tell him about the baby and how I wish he adopts. I will quietly let him adopt if we can relocate before I start showing. He had a fiancee who left him for a richer guy and had since said he'll remain unmarried until the .right woman comes along. Before my hubby died, he liked me but not in a bad way,we related very well and I could confide in him. Thanks uncle Johnson, hope you enjoyed the dinner. Thanks bvs for your advise. I appreciate.

    1. This is not a straight forward case o.. Are you saying because husband dey scarce you want to start sleeping with his friend?

      If his love is genuine he will wait for you.

      You have to be seriously careful this one that your husband died of an illness. I really don't think marriage is by force my dear, if his friend does not marry you, another man will. Just calm down and don't take any decision in a rush... Plus tell him you are pregnant o.. I think it's a taboo to sleep with another man while pregnant with someone else's baby.

  9. @ Poster, just except resistance and be prepared psychologically. The only person you owe is God – He’s definitely interested in the foundation you lay.
    Apart from the emotional feelings, take all the necessary pre-marital precautions - marriage is more spiritual than physical. If taken care of, the physical sweetness has no part2! God will settle every dust that wants to rise and give you uncommon peace, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.


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