How Does A Married Man Manage To Sleep Overnight At A Different Place Atleast Once Every Week?

Merry Christmas Aunty Eya, I just found  wives connection and I have a question for you wives on there, please take out my details before posting. I am a 22 year old student in one of the best Unis in Nigeria. Ok, I met and fell in love with this rich generous guy before discovering he is married. I can't leave him now but will definitely do so after my studies, I'm in my 300 levels. I am not here to
destroy another woman's marriage or to take over her husband. Capital NO. I just like the comfort and luxury of my new status and won't let go until I'm done with school and find my own husband, lol. Aunty, something baffles me and there's no one I can ask such a private question . How does a married man manage to sleep overnight at a different place than his house 1 or 2 times a week, every week ? And not on the same days every week. Sometimes on 2 consecutive days.
My rationale is that his wife doesn't care.
But I really really want to know is there any other reason he could use to make his wife be okay with that?
I've never been married so I really can't think of anything else.. I need answers please...


  1. It bothers you that's why you brought it here. I won't help you.

  2. I won't help you either poster because as you said you are not in the relationship to destroy anyone's marriage but you are assuming the wife doesn't care. In your thick 22 yesr old head have you thought about the fact that you are the cause of him not sleeping in his house all through the week unless if there is a genuine reason that is work related. I wish you from now the same sorrow you are causing to this married woman and her home. You are 22 years, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteous and every other thing shall be added unto you. Don't let us all cause you out here on behalf of the woman. #gerroutahere

  3. Hopefully one day you would be married and I can assure you that by then you would know the answer to your question. How? You are planting a seed that would give you a bountiful harvest!

  4. How?
    Well, he manages to do this by totally disregarding his wife or her feelings.
    As long as your MM is concerned, your pussy is of utmost importance to him now.
    Now, understand, if he has children, this same disregard is extended to his children, his seed.
    Regardless of how much he makes out to care about them to you, the singular, disrespectful and irresponsible act of leaving home to come and be with you twice every week has a direct impact on the kids who can sense their mum's deep rooted unhappiness.
    Do you care about the atmosphere of this man's home due to your actions?
    I'm not going to try to flog your conscience cos no one is perfect, but, I assure you, if you wait and humble yourself- cutting your cloth according to what you've got, you will get a good husband and not have to worry about karma.
    Whatever status you think you are enjoying will end sooner and you will hate yourself for your actions, leave that man alone!
    But, of course, a lot of us prefer to learn by experience don't we?
    Realise you've chosen your path, brace yourself and walk the walk when the time comes- and it will assail you from different directions, not just in relationships/marriage.
    I'm out.

  5. @poster OYO!

    @ Johnson, are you married?

  6. The answer to your question will come in few years time when you get married to the man you love who will give you good reasons why he has to be away from home for few days. Am 29 married with 2 kids and at your age Iife was not so easy BUT I knew right from wrong,need I say more? I guess not.

  7. Hmmmm. Enjoy the luxury as u wish but funny enough karma doesn't wait for u to get old again but it serves u right away what u bought. Free tin de run belle.

  8. Just when u think u have got it all figured out,just when have planned it all,get excited abt it nd feel like u know the direction you are headed.All of a sudden everything goes totally bad for you no matter how much u try nd you keep wondering y u are still in hell when you re constantly dancing with the devil. finally u realize you are lost and his gonna leave u cos you were just a number to him. Mz*

  9. @ poster,u are not a kid at your age,you definitely know the answer to your is advisable u quit the relationship now or suffer the had I known which wud be too late for you.


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