He Keeps Throwing Money At Me When All I Want Is A Cuddle

Hello wives connection, I have been with my partner for 3 years and i decided i have had enough of the endless begging and pleading for scraps of affection. i am 34 female and not bad looking. he is such a cold person! i
have to instigate sex and when i do he turns me down with i have a bad tummy or my head hurts or whatever he can think of. he earns more than me, spoils me at Christmas  and my birthday but throwing money at me when all i want is a cuddle, a kiss, for him to tell me he loves me and misses me. i text him every day saying how much he means to me how much i miss him and want to be with him but he hardly texts back. rejection has become my best friend lately and it started to affect my mental health. not feeling sexy or getting compliments when ive made an effort to look nice batters my selfconfidence alot. So i asked him if he still wanted to be in this marriage and he paused for a long time. (my heart sank as i really love this man so much) so he said i dont think i can make you happy! well to be honest i dont think any women would be happy with the amount of attention he has given me i mean all i asked for was a cuddle now and again for him to kiss me first, hold my hand make me feel loved. I didn't ask for me and money alone is not making me feel loved. 


  1. Well poster,don't worry yourself much.Maybe you have gain more weight and that can really turn some men off.If you have time you can start exercise just to keep fit,soon he will come to his senses.Goodluck.

    1. This Henry ur comment can be disgusting!

  2. Sounds like he only likes u and not sexually into u. Sue

  3. Are you sure he is not gay?

  4. Hmmmm check if he is gay oooooo tor. CHANGE is in Nigeria lol. Den if u dt fat try n trim n look fit as @henry says. Or try to withdraw alil by not sending text etc n C his reaction.

  5. true mama ijebu, am thinking he may be gay or bisexual. Press on let him tell you exactly what the problem is, did it start recently or after marriage or during courtship. Try to find out when this change started and work it out from there.


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