He Controls Me Like A Toy, Says Will Poison Me If I Cheat On Him

Good morning aunty Eya. God bless u for this wonderful blog, u 've
really helped lives. please I need to knw if I'm doing the right thing
with this guy. I met him last two yrs nd things was quiet well but we
agreed on one particular thing, No Sex. He tried to rape me once but
didn't succeed nd said he was sorry, dat he didn't mean to, it
happened cos of the way I kissed him or something like dat then he

swore never to try have sex with me till we re married. I forgave him
for that after someday considering I was at fault, shouldnt touched
him like dat. Well the no sex rule was broken early this year although
I didn't want it but it happened anyways, this time it wasn't rape.
After everything he pretended to feel guilty sayin he was sorry nd dat
he didn't keep his word, I told him not to think about it dat it won't
happen again. let Me mention this guy has seen my mum nd she knws
about us but I didn't let him see my dad cos I'm not yet sure he is de
guy I want as a husband cos of his attitude, he gets angry at little
things, like if I don't call or flash him before leaving for school
he gets angry or wen he calls me and I don't sound sweet by calling
him "honey" he gets angry even wen I don't ans his calls it's a
problem, he starts thinkin everything negative and says I should never
try to cheat on him. presently we re not in good terms, he asked me a
question: what re u doing for me? I was surprised he asked me dat, I
may not be doin anything materially but I'm Dere for him then he Said
he keeps testing me cos  I'm not qualified for his love. here is his
test, he does something wrong maybe even say annoying things and want
me to be sweet to him maybe even apologise. I tried dat
 a few times but I'm tired,  I feel like he is controlling me like a
toy. well presently he is not in Nigeria nd everytone he talks about
bringin me over after marriage but if I try cheating on him over there
he will poison me. why would he even say data, I'm not planning to
cheat on him but wat he said s wrong. Honestly should I stop dating
this guy cos I'm tired of his excesses or should I just hang in there.
presently I dont know if I love him enuf to be is wife. Pls I.need


  1. He sounds insecure but you can try remedying that by talking to him and letting out your fears. You have already concluded that you don't see him in your future hence you delayed introducing him to your dad. You have the answer to whether you want this relationship or not! At the end of the day, it all boils down to you.

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  2. Mydear anything u ain't comfortable with don't try to manage it please. It's alil bit easier managing a relationship but marriage is a BIG NO bcos its forever thing. Ur instinct should tell you if u can live with him bcos u know him better. But erase the word MANAGE or he might CHANGE ltr. I feel there's always alil jealousy in every love issue but not being aggressively jealous dt might lead to acid bath or poison things. Pray about it before u accept his marriage proposal. All d best

  3. This kind of person can kill if u don't clear things on time with him before leaving him, my dear if at all it is possible for u infact make it possible and leave him on time but do that amicably and sweet cos if not he will do worst if u leave him roughly or if he marries you, men that are possessive are posses with demon when they get angry with what they are possessed with. Hope my English Is understandable.

  4. @Poster... Please, you don't need any advice because your story is not complete.
    Here is the logic:
    The picture you painted suggests that one, this man is a dictator and has no regards to your feelings. Secondly, in your 3years of dating him, you seems to have lost your happiness and there is no single love anywhere.
    Lols.. If you cannot take a positive step from where you are standing, then your story is incomplete.
    If you want to be counseled wisely, please make your story a wholesome one. I beg you to complete your story; tell us the exact reason/s you are finding it EXTREMELY difficult to
    Walk away from a man who has no reason to be your boyfriend, let alone husband. Goodluck.

  5. No! No! He's going to poison you eventually for nothing! Run far!

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