Another Method Of Wrapping agidi jollof, Who Knows?

Agidi Jollof With Coconut Cream Powder And Biscuit Bones, wrapped with broad leaves

Agidi jollof with coconut cream powder and biscuit bones

please ma i have been going through your recipes.Waoooh! your just wonderful.I discovered it few minutes ago while searching for Okrika way of cooking unripe plantain porridge.Am in my trimester thats just making me to select what i eat.Very tasty for different way of cooking unripe plaintain because this pregnancy puts me in this type of unripe plantain apetite.I am so excited reading your blog on how to cook agidi.Waoooh! hugs hugs.I love you.Gonna try it.I never knew its cooked this way but my problem will be the leaf. Is there any other method?

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  1. You can use nylon bags or different plate shapes in place of leaves.


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