Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Pre-Nuptial Agreements In Africa, Let's Discuss Please

Good day Ma.
    My name is Ivy Brown and I want to seek your opinion and that of the house as regards pre nuptial contracts. This is a contract that a couple intending to marry sign in case of divorce. It is very common in d western world but not in Africa. Isn't it a good idea for intending couples to have a pre nup? In a pre nup, things like cheating, domestic violence, etc are tackled. The couple can also agree on custody arrangements, alimony and just about any legalities they want to.
    I was thinking about Dino and Tokunbo Melaye and

it struck my mind that she would have been better protected from the chaos right now if they had a prenup.
   Also I know some women with pre wedding daze, may agree to just anything which they would see as unfair once they calm down and that's why they should also have two different lawyers watching out for their interests. In my opinion, the amount of women suffering in silence, would be drastically reduced. So what do you all think?
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  1. Pre nups wopn't work in Africa, especially Nigeria. Know what? Nigerian women know how to over do things and abuse the intent. More women will begin to seek divorce so they claim damages.

  2. Nigerian men will only agree to pre nups when they are richer and wealthier than the woman, if the woman is financially stronger? forget it. Na Naija we dey

  3. I hate prenuptial marriages. In the case of a divorce, the woman leaves empty handed. I think It favours men more

  4. Actually no two prenups r d same. Both parties decide wht their terms n conditions r so to say

  5. In Africa we do not plan ahead for future divorce cos that's not our culture.
    Marriage is till death do us part and not otherwise.

  6. Unless you've been to every single African country on the continent,you can't speak for "African Culture". So please only speak as to your own culture. I know in Egypt, muslims sign contract before they marry.

    1. Mumu, she said it's nt common in Africa. Na bad belle dey worry u.Learn to read wit understanding.

    2. She wrote that its not very common in Africa but has she been to all of Africa? Newsflash. Nigeria is not AFRICA. So who is the real mumu Anonymous 11:37? You too should learn to read with understanding. mschew

  7. Culture, religion and the law work hand in hand in naija and I doubt if pre-nups will be legally enforced or taken seriously if they are made in Nigeria. Just like a woman in Nigeria will not be taken seriously therefore her allegation ignored if she reports her husband of raping her is the same way a pre-nup will be treated.

  8. 1. What does the bible say?
    2. Would there be need to take the marital vows with a pre-nup - of what significance would our marital vows be?
    3. Are marriages with pre-nups better than those without it... I'm talking about living together as man and wife?
    4. Should women not focus on adding VAT (value) to themselves when married rather than play the vulnerable one in the event of divorce or any other unfortunate event?
    5. Would Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (for example) need any better protection from a potential divorce chaos?

    1. In judaism (and therefore in bible days) couples signed pre wedding contracts called Ketubah. Do your research http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketubah


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