Thursday, January 31, 2013

Edikang Ikong Soup Sent In By Elizabeth Obaze

 edikang Ikong soup served with pounded yam
Ingredients for Edikang Ikong Soup:
. Assorted meat consisting of shaki (tripe), kponmo, cow leg and

Rice With Gravy And Uziza Chicken Pepper soup

Salted boiled rice served with shredded chicken gravy
Ingredients for uziza chicken pepper soup:

Fried Yam With Sausages And Fish Stew

A serving of fried yam with sausages and fish stew

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stuffed Moi Moi With Chilled Garri

 moi moi served with chilled garri
Ingredients for garri with  moi moi:

When Can I have A Boyfriend

Mommy (Photo credit: liquene)
Hi Aunty Eya
My name is Sharon, I am 11 years old. Iam in JS 1. Aunty, in my School, all my friends and many of my class mates have boyfriends. Even my BFF has got a boyfriend this term. They said that they won't tell their momms. I am now like the only one who does not want. I asked my Mommy to tell me when it is ok for me to start dating boys? she says that 20 or 21  years is Ok.

I did not like my moms answer, I told her that most of my classmates have boyfriends already and me I will just try to get to 15 before I have one. She disagreed with me. she thinks that

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gravy With Curried Rice Sent In By Mavis Imanatue

 a serving of gravy with curried rice and some chopped cucumbers

Naija Hotdog With Mayonnaise Mustard Ketchup And Green vegetables

A hot dog with fruit juice
 Ingredients for my Naija Hot Dog:

Kitchen Tips On Smoked Fish

 drying smoked fish in the sun to prevent molds. the ones with molds were not properly dried before storing
 For any Nigerian family that loves swallow/foofoo, Two to three pots of soup are cooked weekly to go with the fufu. Cooking variety of soups for our swallow can be very easy and fun when one knows a few tips and tricks.
For me,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Isi Ewu Head With Chilled Red Grape Juice

 a serving of isi ewu with chilled Red Grape Juice
Dear Diary,
In case you are tired of your husband and friends visiting that isi ewu joint
every saturday evening, set them up with this, and scatter their plans.
I have not seen a Nigerian man who can resist Isi ewu. Right from

Unripe Plantain Porridge Cooked With Goat Meat

 cooking unripe plantain porridge with goat meat
Unripe plantain porridge is so healthy and energy giving.

Rivers Native Soup Sent In By Chubby ELLA

 a serving of Rivers  native

Vegetable Boiled Rice Served With Goat Meat Stew Sent In By Tamie

 vegetable boiled rice with  goat meat stew

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fried Spaghetti And Chicken By Shishi

Shishi is the blogger behind: 

 a portion of fried spaghetti and chicken
Hmmmmm, now we know that bloggers can sure COOK! *wink* 

Spaghetti recipe prepared jus† like fried rice. I go† the idea while i prepared a pot of fried rice on christmas day.....i thought, "Why no†

Boiled White Rice With Amaranth And Peppered Titus Fish Sent In By Ella

This beautiful dish was prepared by Ella yesterday,
 boiled white rice with Amaranth and peppered sauce

 I prepared this dish for my husband yesterday night. 

Fried Yam With Peppered Corned Beef

 a serving of fried yam wedges with peppered corned beef
Dear Diary,
please do not forget that I keep saying buy small canned Exeter corned beef because it gives me better results

How To Buy Good White Yams

 tubers of yam
 How to tell which tuber of yam is very white and which one changes color when peeled is a challenge to most of us women. Shopping for yams is very easy when you know what you are paying for. Traders know their tricks. They sell both

Heavy Vegetable Salad Recipe

 a bowl of heavy salad

Nigerian Vegetable Salads With Italian Dressing

 healthy,crunchy vegetable salad with peas, lettuce, red tomatoes and cucumber

Farmhouse Unripe Plantain with Brown Beans And Fish

 A serving of farmhouse unripe plantain
Ingredients for My farmhouse:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goat Meat Pepper Soup Served With Rice, By Olaide

 goat meat pepper soup served

Fried Brown Beans And Plantain By Shayor

 fried brown beans and plantain By Shayor
This was sent in this evening by Shayor.

Here Is My Embarrassing Hair Twist Out, No Thanks To You Myne

 my funny hair twist out
I have kept my short scanty hair to myself, and far away from my blog for a long time. I wanted to

Ogbono Soup With Lumpy Egusi

 cooking ogbono soup with  lumpy egusi

Dear Diary,
because of the way we enjoyed this soup, the taste and ease of swallowing semovita,
 I was forced to call it the mother of all draw soups.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fisherman White Soup, Served With Pounded Yam

fisherman white soup with a side of pounded yam
Dear Diary,
Fisherman white soup is cooked with different types of fish. Meat is

Fashion Advice For Plus-Size Women By Debbie Denard

Hi Ladies, I got this very early this morning from Debbie Denard. She wants me to share with my blog readers. So, enjoy!

The face of modern fashion is changing, and the days of being forced into drab, shapeless garments are over for the plus-sized woman. Today’s full-figured fashionistas have a huge selection of styles,

Monday, January 21, 2013

How To Cook Naija Mashed Potato Salad, Serve With Chicken Pepper soup

Mashed potato salad with cream on top, served with chicken pepper soup

Dear diary,
you want great results with your mashed potatoes, next time, bake in an oven before you mash. This meal was so relaxing and refreshing. Because I did not

How To Cook Moi Moi With Tatashe, Corned beef And Santana Bags

 A serving of moimoi cooked with corned beef, bags and tatashe
Moi moi is a delicacy in Nigeria. It can be cooked tied in cellophane bags, wrapped in broad leaves or even in empty cans. When cooked soft, it can be served as a

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can You Make And Flaunt Any Nigerian, African Meal Recipes?

9 year old Max Maggie making her plantain chips 2 days before  Christmas.  Original Naija woman, refused to slice with a grater and used a kitchen knife and chopping board instead. Lol! Will find time to post  pics  of  salting, frying and the kukere dance she did after clearing her big plate of chips
Hello Esteemed Readers, anyone got a special dish you feel you are good at? A

Time Saving Lunch Box Ideas For Parents And Guardians

English: Somali sambusas (samosas) being deep ...English: Somali sambusas (samosas) being deep fried. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I shallow fry my samosas
CroissantsCroissants (Photo credit: rofi). Croissants come wrapped already, all you do is just put in the lunchbox.

Chicken Stew With Boiled Macaroni And A Side Of PawPaw

 cooking chicken stew
Dear Diary, 
I cooked this meal in 25 minutes. That is

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to make My Curried Vegetables Roll

 curried vegetable rolls for their lunch boxes

Dear Diary,
 I left out sardines because the girls didn't want anything to do with fish.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tomato Egg Sauce With Boiled Yam, Boiled Unripe Plantain

 Ingredients, Eggs, crayfish, onion, red pepper, seasoning

How To Make Simple Nigerian ColeSlaw At Home

 getting ready for my special cole slaw with heinz classic mayonnaise,
 salad cream, Premium dressing and  thousand Island premium dressing.
I never use all  at once, it is either one or the other depending on how I want to use the cole slaw
Dear Diary,
A reader  wants to know  how to make salad and cole slaw

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reloaded Pictures Of How Bonario Nnags Enjoyed Christmas At Home

I had to post this again because readers complained of being unable to view the pictures. I hope this opens. Readers of Linda Ikejis Blog will definitely recognize Bonario. His comments are so memorable to many. To see the ones that refused to open, go here.

He was inspired to share after seeing the pics of our visit to Agbokim waterfalls while enjoying Christmas at the village.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

All Naija Indomie Noodles With Chicken, Eggs, Vegetables And Fish

 cooking jollof indomie noodles with stewed chicken and vegetables

How Bonario Nnags Enjoyed Christmas at home, In pictures

To see the pictures clearly, please GO HERE

If you are a reader of Linda Ikeji's blog, then you must have read a comment by Bonario or even bursted out laughing at his sometimes witty, sometimes blunt and sometimes very entertaining comments. The only times I  read Linda Ikeji's blog without seeing Bonario's comments in 2012 were
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