Friday, December 13, 2013

Am Still A Virgin, Pregnancy Test Is Positive, How Possible?

Hello Aunt Eya,

Pls I need your help.

I'M a 25 yrs old virgin and also engaged, anytime my fiance and I make out he doesn't penetrate me cos I don't want to get pregnant before our wedding. 

But my
problem now is that I missed my period. Could I be pregnant? Is it possible for a virgin to be pregnant without penetration?
But Ma, 
I already went for test and d result is positive. Is it possible?


  1. Hi sis, I just published your mail on the blog. It's very possible to get pregnant without penetration. You do not need penetration for his semen to swim in and start fertilization. Once dropped even at the entrance of your V part, it can find it's way in there and create your baby

    1. Lizzy14:24

      Poster aunty Eya is right. Perhaps you can get married earlier. Start antenatal care soon and discuss the way forward with your fiance.

  2. Anonymous05:20

    My dear, you are so preggy! Like eya said, once the male ejaculate at the surface of ur V part, the sperm can swim in. And you know my dear, you've been fornicating all this while.. Fornication is not just a man penetrating ur V part, it includes the starting point... From the touching to the kissing, the exposure of private parts and all.
    You need to get ur wedding done fast! Hurry up with the plan, and enjoy sex, b4 ur preggy grows fast... Lol...

  3. silent reader05:54

    See gobe!! U don carry belle be that o. It's 100% possible for one to get pregnant if semen is released close to the virginal opening. See as u suffer urself still carry belle.

    1. sururah13:55

      my thought too

  4. Agatha Christi05:55

    Hmm, never heard this before o, ok o, let me wait for comments.

  5. Dear Poster..... Reading your post,GOD dropped somethings in my heart and ild take time out to share it with the group. Staying a Virgin or better still abstaining from sexual intercourse and immorality is a commandment from GOD. Somethings are just meant for marriage.
    See as difficult as it may seem there are loadz of virgins out there. To youths/unmarried people, You are a virgin and still engage is kissing blah blah blah......who are you deceiving?
    It is stated clearly in the bible..........AbSTAIN FROM SEXUAL IMMORALITY(1st Thes 4:3(NIV) says It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality.)
    Everyone gives an excuse 'it is difficult' pls what is difficult in it?
    If you decide to keep yourself till marriage,why have you made such decision? Is it to honour GOD or to honour 'the man' you would be getting married to? If to honour the man comes first I think that is where the problem lies.
    I'm not judging anyone or trying to put people down. We all make mistakes and we should learn from them.
    @poster,you could have a PT done a second time @ least if the result of the 1st 1 you did was a mistake, d 2nd one wldnt be. If its +ve still,accept the situation, nurture the pregnancy through 1st trimester-3rd trimester, have your baby and bring him/her up in the way of the Lord. Luckily you are engaged so marriage will come in between. People will mock you,people will talk,gossip and all. Sometimes you will think terminating the pregnancy is the best but trust me it isn't and it never will. Just embrace the new reality as difficult as it may seem.
    To crown it all, go to GOD in prayers PLS. I know what it is like staying a virgin for 25years. Ask him to forgive you all your trespasses and to see you through this new phase.
    GOD'S Grace @ poster.

  6. Anonymous10:20

    @ Ayo 3 gbosas 4 u

    1. Many thanks Anon 10.20am.

  7. Anonymous11:36

    Hmmmm, this is so serious (opening my mouth wide and looking at my laptop screen ), honestly i have been doing this though not claiming a virgin indeed God has been faithful to me even in my sinful acts, he still protect me from getting pregnant . so this can happen ? Now i know.

    1. Anonymous18:17

      u better stp sinning!

  8. Wow! Only the Blessed Virgin Mary conceived outside a sperm fertilization... Obviously ur bobo's spermatozoa is as fast as "Usain Bolt" who know what you are about to give to for Nigeria!

    Safe delivery I wish you!

    1. Hahahahahaha....lmao@ "bobo's sperm is as fast as Usain Bolt"
      Pls take it easy.Reconcile with God.plan ur marriage quickly.dnt harm that child o.u r lucky that u r already engaged to be married.
      May God grant u safe delivery and happy married life,Amen .

  9. Anonymous16:28

    u are just deceivn urself poster. A virgin wil nt try going this far. U are claming virgin and commitng sin. Am a virgin, i dare nt kiss, hug, caress. Nt to talk of exposing my body. Am in my 30s. Just prepare 4 wedn fast.

    1. Anonymous16:51

      Huh? 30's virgin? Congrats thou.

    2. Anonymous18:22

      na God and discipline jare. Thanx.

    3. Anonymous18:22

      Anon 4:28, u did good my dear.God bless u amen

    4. Anonymous18:24

      30's virgin? Ur case is peculiar I beg do go marry b4 cobwebs spread tentacles for ur t*t*!

    5. Anonymous21:02

      @anon 6:24 u are as dumb as ur comment, useless nonsense nai u be, fool

    6. Anonymous21:52

      Ok oh and thnk u the "wise" one! Patron, Association of!

    7. Anonymous00:15

      Please don't let anyone discourage you with stupid comments, they that 'avoided cobwebs' tey tey how did it benefited them physically or spiritually?

  10. Anonymous02:26

    Thanx anon 12:15am. Am proud of it. All d anon mockn me. Shame to u.

    1. Anonymous06:18

      Don't mind dem jare. Haters oshi! Just let ur man know what's on ground so he can formalise things and also disvirgin properly. God be with u. Iphy

  11. Anonymous10:01

    Hmmmmm! This same thing happened to me long long ago. I was messing around without actually doing the dirty. Next thing I knew I was pregnant with my hymen intact. Ya. I aborted it. And d doctor confirmed that the hymen was still there. May God forgive me one of these days.

    If you don't want to get pregnant, keep the sperm far away. Finish.

  12. I'm so speechless,,,Lord have mercy on "WE" that have fiancé but still committing d forbidden act

  13. Anonymous08:38

    Hi! I'm a regular reader of this 1st it was all abt the food and recipes...I totally fell in love but right nw itz nw abt married women and their petty issues...nt to be insensitive o....but pls all dis stories makes me afraid of marriage! Honestly! Pls continue to post d food recipes :) and tell d troubled ones to pray....we all hv our issues -_____- bless u!


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