Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Can You Die For Your Spouse?

Hello Aunty Eya,I read something somewhere that got me thinking. I thought about it and concluded that I as an individual cannot die for my spouse.Why I cannot and will rather allow my hubby go if it's time is because we have kids together. 

What happens to
the kids if I die for him? He will live and then what happens to the kids? They'll get a step-mom , and then what happens? Life cannot remain the same again. Anyway,Jesus died for us all and I don't think I can lay down my life for anybody.

If I live, I'd make the kids my priority cos that is how we women are wired. I will make sure our kids can find their feet before thinking of remarrying.  Can you please share on the blog lets see what other spouses have to say. If anyone can die for a spouse, what is their reason?
Mrs D


  1. Chioma08:32

    Aunty Eya you are looking for trouble o. Me I can't die for hubby o. Why should I? No one will even do that for what now? For better for worse no include dieing for anyone abeg. Life goes on.

  2. I just pray I never have to make that decision. In the Name of Jesus, no situation like that or of any similar kind will ever come near me and my family, AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!! *abeg no vex but this kain post is kinda depressing for this lovely morning ;-) *

  3. Anonymous08:33

    This kain post na anonymous we dey take answer am o. My answer is capital NO.

  4. Angel08:39

    @Poster you don't love your husband at all at all. Me I can die for my husband even though I never ready for dat now. It won't even get to that IJN but I can do it. He means the world to me. I know hw can do it for me too.

    1. Anonymous16:09

      Abeg shift jo. You just said yes and no in one answer. Make up your mind jare.

  5. Anonymous08:41

    I like the new mature WC, before eh? by now this poster would have started weeping because of insults. hahaha who wan die? no one o. Especially we naija's we want to live forever even if we drink garri daily. Me I CAN'T abeg. lIFE IS TOO SWEET.

  6. Anonymous08:45

    poster, my first comment was an insult to you and I know Aunty Eya won't post it. Why do you want me to think about this rubbish? #temptation

  7. Anonymous08:59

    After d rubbish dis man is putting me through? Abeg i cant catch a grenade 4 him. Maybe his girlfriend can do it 4 him cos i got kids 2 take care of.

  8. Johnson09:35

    The appropriate question should be 'could you do anything that is life-threaten for your spouse?' For example, take a bullet, drive through a dangerous spot for his/her sake, donate a vital organ, etc. Though not a pleasant situation to be in – but could you?

  9. Anonymous10:44

    ME I can't die for anybody oh! Make we talk true. But may we not find ourselves in such a position. Amaka

  10. Anonymous10:57

    Me I can't even cross gutter for my hubby. God forbid.

  11. Hmmm not married yet,but I can't die for my hubby if such situation arises. I'm a christian not Jesus Christ.
    Jesus Christ is the son of God,so his place is guaranteed already. But am just the son of my father.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous12:01

      You can't die for your hubby or your wife?

    2. Anonymous12:11

      Lol, silly boy.

      I pray I'd never have to make such decision and I reject any situation that would warrant any of us dying for the other in Jesus name. We shall both live to fulfill purpose in Jesus name. Amen.
      Phew! #CastingAndBibdingTins#

      ... Pj

  12. Anonymous12:31

    i love my hubby wella but i will not die or take any dangerous stunt 4 him...haba..who will take care of my kids?

  13. Anonymous13:05

    Hahahahehhe, abeg o, the situation should not arise o ha, me I cannot fit die for anybody o. My hubby with his roving eyes, na for my burial e go for pick replacement, the next thing he will ship my babies to his mother in the village and one woman will come and be forming landlady in the house I contributed over 60% of the cost of building. Mbanu!

    1. Anonymous13:26

      Na wahoooooo!!!!!

  14. Anonymous14:31

    I can never die for any man o, b4 they bury u sef he don remarry, my uncle remarried in less dan 6 months afta his wife (dat bore him 5 kids) died, n within few months d wife chase away all those children, n they become wanderers, they sponsor them selves from primary school til tertiary institution.
    If it were to be d man dat died, am sure d woman won't have eva remarried again.
    Today, those same children are d ones he depended on now, cos dat woman organized 419ers n they dupe him of all his life savings, then she divorced him afterwards.

  15. Replies
    1. Anonymous14:45

      not passing by shi shi, comment joor

  16. Anonymous15:10

    May God never allow us to βε̲̣ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ such situation IJN.Amen.EPHY

  17. Anonymous16:02

    I can't even die for myself, how much more for the son of man? mstcheeeewwww

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Lmao!!!!! Man ko! What will happen to my babies??? To my one In a million daddy????? He shld park well abeg let his own mother carry that cross. My own love has eyes , ears and brains too!

  18. Anonymous13:25


  19. Funny funny comments!

  20. Anonymous08:48

    Lmfao....ow can I die 4 a man, am I madt,haba, asif e can die 4 me.smh, which kind question be dis sef.

  21. Anonymous10:36

    I cannot and will not die for my hubby ok.

  22. Anonymous17:40

    Even if ders a cash price of 1million dollars involved,i will not die for anyone.mbanu,i am a pure igbo woman and my culture doesnt permit anyform of studpidity let alone one of dat sort.die ko,dead ni ,mxchew !

  23. Anonymous15:33

    Wetin dem dey call like dat? na street name? die ke.Abeg life is sweet I nor fit do dat kind one ooo.


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