Thursday, March 21, 2013

Help! My Husband Is Too Nice

Good Evening aunty Eya,
The way other people offer truths on your blog has encouraged me to write to you.

 I am a 30 year old woman with 2 kids & the problem I have is my husband is too nice..

Yes,he's too nice to ladies...he acts like he's a gentleman of some sort. I am very very certain he's not cheating on me because I'm a chief FBI but I find that he's unable to stop girls from calling him & they all do for one frivolous reason or the other..ranging from money to jobs. 

I have been married for over 4 years now & i've had to battle him over @ least one girl every year..These girls can get so disrespectful, calling at whatever time of the day or night they damn well please, I once picked the phone hoping it'll scare one of them&she went ahead to ask to speak to him at midnight....I asked her if she knew it was midnight &she said the owner of the phone isn't the glory of God, she confirmed to him she told me that & that's how he cut her off.....I just read a series of text exchanges now that hurt me...

He had kept his distance from yet another 20 year old girl for a while & all of a sudden she's acting all "what did I do to offend you? you have not been returning my calls, are you okay"& then he lies he's been extremely busy with a project but his workload is lighter now & will make it up to her. he didn't call same day & she whines again, & he says he's sorry he'll call & then he finally worry is why will a single girl feel d need to be so attached to a married man? & why will a married man not know how to draw the line firmly with single girls?

I don't think I'm insecure but I don't think I should leave my eyes opened while he gets "courted" without me knowing it or what do you think?
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  1. Mrs J09:05

    Hey Sister, LOL @ Chief FBI. Rachel, you haff kee me with laughter, I can't write any meaningful comment now cos laughter won't let me o.
    Single ladies dis days are just out to grab READY MADE MEN, forgetting that someone was there before he got made and polished.

    Advice to singles: Dear young ones, pls don't be fooled by the monies our husbands give you. Look for a future, start with someone who can make you a part of his family tmw.

    Our husbands are already OK with us and our kids, if at all they want any thing, its just a change from Okra to Egusi soup for a while. They'd return back to base. Shikena.

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Dearie,I used to say same thing till I saw how many young women lost their homes to these single girls.Not all dogs stray and go back home.sorry I had 2 use those words but guys who cheat are dogs!My own is once you find out he is cheating,take steps to try and make him stop;look your best,hav a heart to heart talk,pray and fast and take d steps ahdaisy mentioned in d previous post I jux read.Don't be deceived by he mux cum back cos sum gals are even fettish and can also charm him away.

    2. Anonymous11:56

      na true u talk, some irls can be fetish

  2. Anonymous09:09

    My sister,wake up!!!he is sooooo cheating on you.he jux told dem he has a wife he respects a lot or told them he can neva leave you for them.No girl calls up a married guy at that time or whines lyk dat if there is nutin attached.I grew up wth guys n had a lot of male friends b4 I married so I know wot I'm saying.Ps 4get d mr nice stuv and hav a heart to heart talk bcos he is simply disrespecting u and covering up by claiming 2 just b a nice guy.Men don't allow girls call dem up late in d evening and wen they do,they warn the gals not 2 try it again.My broda in law's galfriend calls him wen he is home with his wife late at night,he brags about it at work saying she calls and pretends to be jux a friend,asking him at the end of the call to greet his wife and kids.he says d wife gets happy wen she hears dat.Well,I won't be the one to tell her about her husband's game.

  3. Anonymous09:40

    Off topic: pls I need ur advice too. I am heavily pregnant and ve' jst been called for a job I applied for some time back. I dnt knw if I can go? I really need dis job nw cos my hubby is nt working @ d moment. Advice pls..

    1. Consult with your doctor first. Pls safety should always come first. When there is life, there is hope. If he gives you the go ahead, do so but still be cautious. Pregnancies can be very unpredictable atimes. If you are not cleared to go by your doctor, try sending the company a mail and explain your condition to them. Then pray. Who knows, they might wait for you. All the best hon. Sorry you have through go through this. God bless you.

  4. Lol@FBI.....pls if I must say, read between thin lines, your hubby has somthing to say to U. I won't say he is cheating on you oooooh, but he definitly has a story he aint told U yet.

  5. Anonymous09:45

    The heading shud be 'my husband is a cheat and a flirt and NOT 'my husband is 2 nice'. I see no niceness watsoever.

  6. Mehn....!, when it comes to men, there are a lot of orishi rishi stories. I wnt say categorically that he is cheating on you, but he is sure clearing the road for it. Why wud d girl have the boldness to call at that time knowing he is with his wife? And why asking for money, is your husband Gates or Dangote or Father Christmas? If he is abeg tell me o, make me sef join the queue...lolz

    But seriously, tell him straight up that you can't continue like this. Marriage is not a joke at all. It is hard work. Both parties have to fight for it to make it work. Not when one person is closing doors to issues, the other person is opening it. Nice ko, nice nii. Lemme not vex sef. ahn ahn!

    I hate when a wife will be suffering to make everything ok, including with kids, relatives and in-laws, then the husband will be doing anyhow. Reading ur post, I felt like shouting to your hub “Dude, get your s*** together!" For Christ's sake, if you love your wife, let it be to the end. You see something is bothering her, stop it! At least you know what is bothering her is not in the interest of the family so cut that part out and move forward. If he is njot cheating, then what is he gaining from those girls? If he is itching to be nice, there so many families out there that need help. Not single girls looking for where their next hair extensions will come from.

    This life is easy o, na we just they complicate things for ourselves and others.

    1. i gbadun ur answer abeg, so blunt but on a comical side.
      lol on Not single girls looking for where their next hair extensions will come frm. abegggi charity homes are very open.

    2. same line of thoughts here.

  7. Funke10:00

    I don't feel u should be too comfortable with this o.Its so improper in my own opinion.Like anonymous said, pls talk 2 him seriously about it . Some single girls are so desperate dt they don't mind being 2nd wife o!D rate at which dy're wreaking homes ds days is alarming. Pls talk 2 him and don't underestimate d power of prayers. U can pray those girls away,I actually do once I notice any leech like person be it male or female in my husband's life and it works. He'll be d one 2 come &complain about what d person did,and I'll even pretend 2 be sympathetic& dt will be d end of d friendship. Just my own 2 cents,God will help u handle ds right dear.

    1. Anonymous10:18

      Exactly what I do too.I pretend to be sympathetic,it works.

    2. Yes oooo! Man or woman, i pray them away. Thats how one man suddenly became my hubby's best friend. My spirit rejected the man outrightly, neither did i like him, so i prayed. Today, dem don quarrel. Why? Because God exposed the guy's evil side to my hubby....the guy betrayed my hubby. Hubby was shocked for days, till today, dey no longer speak to each other *evil laugh*

    3. Anonymous15:48

      Same thing h a ppened to me but we keep goibg in circles because of my husband' s stupidity.

  8. Anonymous10:06

    @ Ahdaisy , u hit the nail right on the head!

  9. Mrs K10:09

    Ahdaisy, God bless you! Your comment is very on point.
    Rachel, please continue to pray for your man because a man needs to have a heart that loves God for that love to flow out to his family.
    All will be well.

  10. kendra10:28

    I think u are not a good FBI cos if u are,then u would know clearly that ur man is cheating on u and not been nice.. First of all,why do the gurls have his number? Why does he have there numbers? Why does he give them moneyy or job? Is his money that sufficient for him,u,the kids,inlaws,relatives and all?

    Any girl that has the boldness not to end the call when she heard ur voice has something srz wif ur hubby. Cos normally,the sides chicks end the call when the wifey picks up,but she had the guts to tell u to give it to ur hubby and that he is not complaining,hmmm.

    U can't even win this one with interogating him or fighting the gurls,just kill his stupidness with excess love,while doing that,go to God in prayer for help. If u can't cope,do what u have in mind...

    1. Anonymous11:58

      Gbam kendra! I've said it all. If u read in between the line u will know he is clearly cheating on u without any iota of respect! That's d issue, respect !

  11. bothered new mum10:55

    Hnmm men men men!pls I v a quest,I'm a nursing moda bin married 4 2 n half yrs,d prob is I vnt worked b4,my baby is less dan a month!d prob is my hubby likes 2 hangout a lot smtyms comes home @ 1am or 12midnight!iv fot him on many occsns bt I'm now tayad,he'd rather hangout wit his frnds both male n fem n giv an xcuse dt dey dnt judge him...I love 2 bake,bt live in one of d western states,ow can I mk money while @ home nursing?any suggestns wld b app tanx

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Biko read the previous mail, we hve trashed this issue before. Get something to do, me too I'm a nursing mother and started work wen my baby was 8 weeks old. The oyibo's invented a breast punp. If u can't carry on nursing, introduce formula, it's not easy being a wife, career/business woman, a mother etc. Give the man a break! Some men get irritated with a housewife that's if ur husband is one of them sha. 12 am ko, 1am ni. U pple shouldn't attack me o! Aunty Eya take notice!

    2. since you have figured out something you love bake and sell to people create flyers,when at the salon tell the people there,I bake ohhh,please if anyone needs cakes and all if you have access to internet start an online website or about the things you love..advertise on other blogs as well so you can take care of your child have some income and still be a good housewife. By the time your husband comes back, from putting your energy into baking and taking care of your baby u sef will be too tired to fight with him.. and after a while he realises his actions dont bother you or you already gaining some income..he will come around men do not like their ego bruised i think..

      Hope this helps GOD bless you..

  12. Anonymous11:13

    Chieee!!! Am in this same situation oooo. Am just two years plus in marriage with a child and another one on the way. I just settled from a very heated quarrel with my husband over this same issue. There is no year i don't battle one caller. My husband has never been the problem because i KNOW he can't go ask a girl out (Its not his nature) but the overly nice attitude he puts up makes girls and women flock around him. He works as a customer service officer in the bank and gets to render diff assistance and from there they can't get off his case. The latest one is his married colleague who calls my husband as early as 7am in the morning. I get to see my husband only weekend and this same woman that sees my hubby from monday to friday continues to call him weekends that he has to spen with us. She's always having problems that only my husband can solve. I initially accepted her closeness and friendship with my husband since she was married but when i started noticing the frequent calls (like 5 times a day or 10 missed calls) i became concerned. I told my husband she can call him 100 times if he's not at home but from friday to sunday evening that he spends with us, the woman should not call his phone and this caused a big fight between us. In the process on resolving this issue, my hubby gave me his phone to answer her call but immediately she heard my voice, she hung up and started calling with private number. They probably are not in any romantic relationship right now ooo but i know that this woman is OBSESSED with my husband.

    After employing my commando tactics in trying to get this particular woman off my husband's case and i failed woefully with heartaches and depression, i adopted the begging and counseling way. I had to practically beg my husband to analyze the whole situation and my dear sisters, i went on my knees. I started midnight prayers to gain my husband back and i can tell you everything is returning back to normal. I've also decided not to check his phones for now while we are trying to get back together fully, plus he has promised to device a way of telling the woman not to call but I know with prayers and being "THE PERFECT SUBMISSIVE WIFE" everything will be fine.

    My advice is get on your knees and pray, talk to him nicely and show him love the best way you can. I know it sounds stupid and it can be depressing but draw strength from your place of prayers. God will see us through

  13. Hehrhehehe plz am sorry but I couldn't help it but laugh at d FBI and commando tactics.
    Every they keep pointing accussing fingers at men,but we've never heard any situation where the man is cheating on his wife with a fellow man.
    If women can also include the issue of women luring married men from their home in their quest for women empowerment and gender equality,it will go a long wayooo!

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  14. @.Anon 11:13. Lemme tell you my own story.

    I met a guy at the airport one day. Firstly, I did not even look at him more than a glance and as per married woman, having anything to do with another man did not even cross my subconscious, not to talk of my thoughts.
    He was behind me on the queue and when a man in front of me that left came back, this Mr A, asked me if the man was taking my space. I just told him, the man was there before. I dint even look back. While we were boarding, he asked if I was alone that he thought I was travelling with the guy who dropped me. I told him that was my husband. When we got to lag, as I was about to get a taxi, he asked if I was going his way, that I should join the staff bus that came to pick them. I declined as I was going in the opposite direction. He then requested for my number that he might go back to PH the same day. Me too, I was going back to PH the same day but I was reluctant to give him my num. After much persuasion, I felt since he is also married, I could chat him up and share the word of God with him (see wetin evangelism dey cause? :-) )

    Ok, so after I finished my assignment in Lag under an hour, I went back to the airport to wait for my flight which was an evening flight cos I thot I would not finish early. I also met Mr A there and we were waiting for the same flight! So we went to chill at Barcelos and got talking. I gave him the christian book I had been reading and we chatted generally.

    That day was an eventful day as we sat next to each other on the flight, then we had flight issues and had to turn back to lag mid-air and boarded another plane. All this while we were just gisting and laughing at everything and I felt, well, not bad, two married people of opposite sex can be clean plain friends. Altho, I saw a red flag in the way he kept telling me how beautiful I am. We got to ph very late and parted ways.

    I forgot about the whole thing till he started calling me, smetimes at odd hours, requesting to take me out, to hang out with him, to club with him and so on. He started asking me to do video chat with him but I gave several excuses. My hub was not around then and I always closed early from work so I had all the time in the world and I was always bored. He would tell me about his family, his work, his children, ask me about my opinion on differnt things. Something kept telling me that all was not right with the situation but I did not stop cos he was funny and could hold a conversation for hours.

  15. Anyway, I started asking about his wife and how he cud call me at odd hours. He said his wife did not mind. He kept asking for us to meet up again but I gave excuses.

    One day while we were chatting I asked him what he really wanted from me. He said nothing just friendship. He even invited me to come and hang out with his family. This made me relax a little.

    We stopped talking for a while and then one day, he sent me a msg saying hi. I replied that I was surprised cos I thought he had forgotten me. Next thing he said was how could he forget me when his wife is always complaining about me. That my name is always on her lips.

    EH? You say? Say what? That was when I called it quits. I started imagining what the wife mustav thought about me for her to be complaining. She must av felt I was one cheap skank trying to steal her husband. Preaching or no preaching. Abeg o I just cudnt continue. I started feeling bad cos I shudv run away since even when I noticed that when I preach to him, he'll turn it to a joke saying all this my people sef(my church).

    So my dear, all this my tales by moonlight is to tell you that sometimes people get sucked into relationships they did not plan for. Even when I used to tell my hub about him, my hub wil tell me to be careful but I thot it was just the normal thing any husband will say. Anyway, it's a good thing I stopped the moment I realized the reality of the situation. Pls o, my husband is enough for me. I have not finished showering all my love on him so I dnt need another person's own!

    And for those wondering, two people of opposite sex cannot be close and remain platonic friends married or unmarried!!!.except they are related.

    1. Anonymous16:08

      Do you know my hubby said he jokingly told this lady that i suspect their relationship and that was when she started hiding her number to call and would not talk when i pick her calls. My husband is her shoulder to lean on when she has issues, when me i've not finished leaning on my husband. Ahdaisy, i see dat you always give meaningful advice on this blog, let me now ask: Is it wrong for me to ask my hubby if i see any too frequent call and its from a lady? And if yes when his answers are not satisfactory what do i do. I have in the past called up a lady who was calling my husband during public holiday to ask for cheque book(just imagine). I want to know when to draw the line so he doesn't say i nag too much. He actually reported to my elder sister that i dont trust him anymore. the issue here is that i don't trust him but i don't trust the ladies. Please what do you say?

    2. Anonymous22:52

      Ah daisy, your head is too there!
      Same issue I having with my husband now, he is really a nice person, but I sometimes feel he doesn't draw the lines when he comes to hi relationship with others especially his female friends. He doesn't see any wrong in making/ receiving calls from them at night, say from 9pm. I know he loves me, but I don't understand why he keeps doing that. I told him recently that I don't feel respected by his actions, and he paused for a moment to think about it, after which he says he understands. I hope he stops anyway.
      I think I have to pray about it too, because I'm already thinking I'd just start being nice to my male friends too, so that he can have a feel of the sting.

  16. suzzy12:57

    my sis, they have said it all. He is clearly cheating on u but in a discreet manner that even ur FBI instincts can not sniff out. he makes u feel he his helping them out financially, what of otherwise. yes he is home most nites but r u there wt him when he goes to work? do u knw knw what he is up to, wt his phn n on the internet? even when u catch them wt all evidence, they will still paint the picture of a helping saint, trying to help a helpless sister out or even turn the whole thing arnd that u will want to blame urself for the mistrust. my sister be wise n get down on ur knees n start praying for demacation btw ur hubby n his seekers. God will help us all.

  17. Luchi13:56

    I don't want to be of the school of thought that believes he is cheating. So let's just assume he is not cheating..... But the fact remains he is too close to some you don't like.
    1. U can talk to him gently about it. Stating the implications, effects etc it has on U.

    2. U can go the other extreme of expressing it in a harder tone (don't know if it will work)

    3. I'm also imagining a scenario whr u have pple call u up just like they do to him (Just an imagination. It may work or may escalate issues depending on the kind of person he is.

  18. My dear,just go to God in prayers n u wil marvel@his works.Jehovah overdo will do even more4u

  19. FAITHFUL15:54

    Commander in-Chief of FBI!if you think ur husband is too nice and faithful,that means ur are not serious.Is he FATHER CHRISTMAS?U husband is damm Cheating on you.He knows u trust him,and made it knw to d girls that u trust him,so u can't suspect any thing but believe what he told you abt them girls.Any Man that Loves his wife will respect her.Note:most of this girls use Juju for married open ur eyes.Go to God in prayers

  20. Anonymous16:08

    Do you know my hubby said he jokingly told this lady that i suspect their relationship and that was when she started hiding her number to call and would not talk when i pick her calls. My husband is her shoulder to lean on when she has issues, when me i've not finished leaning on my husband.

    @ Ahdaisy, i see dat you always give meaningful advice on this blog, let me now ask: Is it wrong for me to ask my hubby if i see any too frequent call and its from a lady? And if yes when his answers are not satisfactory what do i do. I have in the past called up a lady who was calling my husband during public holiday to ask for cheque book(just imagine). I want to know when to draw the line so he doesn't say i nag too much. He actually reported to my elder sister that i dont trust him anymore. the issue here is that i don't trust him but i don't trust the ladies. Please what do you say?

  21. Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Biko, her husband no get shoulder? Or doesnt she have brothers, male relatives and other friends?

    Try being sweet about the whole thing. Tell him to leave work at work and limit calls to emergencies and since he is not a doctor, that shouldn't come up too often. Promise him that you wnt say a word concerning the issue if he can just try and stop it.

    Tell him to bring the lady home and introduce you her to you. Maybe prepare dinner for the lady and her husband. It's simple. If there is nothing between them, that should not be a problem. As adult married couples, you guys should be able to relate without beef.

    Having nothing to hide is not the issue. People should be able to see that you have nothing to hide. But I think you should just give it a rest for sometime. If it continues, take her number and send her a text. Tell her that you are not mad at her but she should understand that it's not normal. Extend friendship to her and see what happens.

    But if she still no gree leave your man, tell him you'll also report him to an elder he respects.

    I hope it helps sha cos soemtimes there are things we dnt have control over. Only prayer can give us control. Stay blessed.

  22. Anonymous18:12

    Thanks Ahdaisy. Will do as you suggest

  23. Ahdaisy I give it all up to you. Woooowwww u sure know how to give advice and damn good one for that matter! The long texts you type, phew I I try to type a quarter

  24. Rachael21:35

    @All,Thanks for your comments.However,I'm still very +ve my husband isn't physically cheating on me (yet).I tell him he's emotionally cheating on me though when the issues start.......@Ahdaisy,the scenario u just painted above typically describes how his alliance with them starts but in reverse,one claimed she was selling stuff&was married,it was from my FBI I saw she was a single mum&married to her child,the other one claimed student&is lookin for where to work,the other one claims colleague who also does business&is lookin for I said,they just "court" him & he thinks he's just being a nice fellow.
    I try not to sweat it so much so it doesn't appear I'm choosin his friends for him but he doesn't just know how to be can someone call @ midnight or even 5am&a man won't know that's downright RUDE???
    I'm just tired really!!

    1. Anonymous13:19

      Either emotional or physical,cheating is cheating.My hubby is like dat and I am strategising on how to catch him.

  25. Abena06:53

    Kp3l3 ooo,people are suffering in their marriages and Eya's blog is the perfect sounding board for them.One would think this blog is for 'wives in distress' with the number of problems trickling in.Eya please let's stay focused: more cookery tips,less drama!the world is already sad as it is,we don't want anymore sad stories.
    PS: for the single ladies,read &learn!please marry men u can call 'my friend',somebody who believes in the same values as u do,somebody who has godly fear and the thought of displeasing God would pain him.Because all these problems these women complain about,didn't just spring up,they were always there especially during courtship(that is if there was courtship @ all,now everybody wanna jump in2 marriage).Don't pray to God when there are problems,pray to Him before u choose ur partner!(Read what the Bible says about a good husband material)I didn't say let ur pastor choose for u oo,pray urself and examine him.How do u expect ur marriage to work when the two of u were heavily involved in fornicating?knowing very well its wrong?don't u know u are grieving the holy spirit?U are mocking God and u expect no Repercussions for ur actions b4 marriage?I'm sorry it doesn't work that way!
    The Bible and it principles have never been wrong:read,meditate &apply it in everyday of ur life then the Peace of God that excels everything would come on u.
    Thank You.

    1. Anonymous10:56

      Let me firstly say that this blog is not only for cookery tips, as the name implies, its "wivestownhallconnection"-everything wife. and secondly
      it is so true what you have said but may you never be trialed all the days of your life. Do you know how many Christian homes; where the man is even a true believer are being troubled by the devil? Do you know how tempted a man can be. I want to believe you have children and all of them are well mannered because your home is a christian home. Thank God for your perfect home but allow those who have problems share with others who care to listen and probably get solutions.
      Women/Sister, lets share whatever burdens our heart and someone might just have the right words to say. What I've also come to realize in this blog and the comment/advice is that there is a "God Factor". I know testimonies will filter in as women continue to help women through this blog

    2. Anonymous12:06

      Madam perfect Abena, why sound overly righteous? You remind me of the brother to the prodigal son. I pray your jealous righteousness brings you perfection in your marriage

    3. Abena13:31

      Yup!God is a jealous God,exacting exclusive devotion so it in order if I'm jealous for the sanctification of his Name.
      We live in an imperfect world anon 12:06,so u can't have a perfect anything.U would agree that majority of the problems we face would have being avoided if we followed Bible principles,not picking &choosing what we think pleases us.
      The very foundation most marriages start on is shaky!we must tell it as it is so people don't keep doing the same mistake.See the story after this one about the 21yr old girl?why go into a marriage with pregnancy and expect happiness?already u have 'sold' urself less to the man,do u really expect trust and respect?
      People if we claim to be Christians,please let's do everything possible to 'Keep Ourselves in God's love' by observing his commandment.
      Thank You

    4. Anonymous09:20

      Ps shut your trap!I hav neva insulted my fellow married woman but to u Abeena,I say Shut your gutter!how dare u try to make people feel bad here.perfect being indeed I'm sure ure one of those living a lie in u know how many pastors marriage are shaky?my friend is married to a pastor and she had to run to the Uk to be far from him and his family's maltreatment.It was after a year that he ran down to beg her and sort it out.Do u know that after marriage is when devil sets in? If ure truly born again u would know that temptations in marriage are just to test our faith and not bcos ure a sinner. Listen to great men of God preach and learn!
      Ps my dear beautiful women on this blog,don't allow anyone make u feel guilty. I hav a very gud home but we have our moments too.There is no perfect marriage,we all strive towards perfection.some women are just more tolerant than some.For example,I can't stand a man who allows his mum make decisions in his home,some women can and dats one of d reasons I didn't marry my ex.

  26. Anonymous14:32

    Thank u madam Abena, we have heard but allow us to share and you can decide not to respond or even read. God bless you

  27. Anonymous14:51

    Abena,let your self righteousness not bring you down. This is my first time commenting here and I bet you are a Single mother or one of the desperate ladies they complain about. Sister please take a seat. Who says we shouldn't take our supplications to God? Who made you a judge over matters? Just because a situation looks perfect in human eyes doesn't mean it is perfect in Gods eyes. Whenever a married woman talks about an issue,the first thing that jumps out of self righteous singles girls is that She was desperate to Marry...(Silly thoughts). Prayer is the key to anything. The fact that you prayed for a job does not mean you should stop praying when you get the job or encounter challenges in the course of the job. Prayer brings wisdom,understanding, peace of mind and so much more. Never you tell anybody not to pray Married or not. It is this poor mentality that single girls have that they want to ruin a married persons home (She was desperate to get married Mentality so why won't I ruin her home) and that somehow settles their conscience abi....too bad. MOVEMENT.

    1. Abena15:37

      Me a single mother?(And what is wrong with being a single mother?are they not humans?see how ur argument is flawed with your first sentence?u just branded&judged a particular group of pple,Shame!)or desperate?
      Desperate for what?u think it every woman who's desperate for marriage eh.some people &their deluded way of thinking.
      When u state your opinion in conformity with your Bible trained conscience,u are either branded a hater or called all sort of names &then u truly wanna call urself a christian.its sad.

    2. Anonymous19:01

      Madam Abeni can u pls just stop. This blog is not for wolves in sheeps clothing. If you comment on this blog again ehhhhh! Yeye dey smell

  28. Abena23:05

    And I commented right after yours,so shoot me!hehehe*stickingouttongue*
    I love this blog so please note it whiles u giving me ultimatums that I would be commenting a-l-w-a-y-ssssss.
    Erm could u please come out under your anonymous status?at least I have an identity,do you?
    BTW don't think u really understand wolves in sheep clothing,u really need to go back to your Bible and read the context Jesus Christ used it.
    Thank You

    1. Shayor22:37

      Abena; with these 4 comments of urs, I can write a book abt u. Did anyone notice how u descended from a self righteous, holier than thou (first comment) to a fighter? Just in a space of ow many mins. It brings me to ur first comment, if one had read only that, one wld think u r a soldier for Christ. Lesson to be learnt people; not all those dt call Christ Christ are truly followers, u only need to dig a little deeper and u get to d point where der true colour is, let us all not be deceived.

  29. Anonymous18:37

    My husband's own good friend is a widow with 2 children. Me I'm not finding it funny @ all becos she calls everyday like 2 or more times. When her sister died my husband join plan burial, abeg ask me wetin concern am 4 matter. I told him that nobody shld use my own to replace their bereaved. Since I started complaining abt her calls and his responses, he has started deleting their chats and her calls from his call log, but me I always know when she is d one calling becos my husband's voice will become small and gentle. One day I spied their chat on bb and they were discussing my husband's sperm. Can u imagine? That was when I knew this was getting out of hand. I cannot be in d river and soap will enter my eyes ooo!

    1. rachael20:34

      This are the kind of issues I'm talking will I be inside the river&omo will enter my eyes?

      It's scary&because she's a widow..your husband will be symphathethic towards her&if other people hear the matter,they'll call you wicked..I totally understand you my dear.Let's just continue to pray for our spouses

      Sperm talk odikwa risky oh

  30. @Shayor, dose where my exact same tots abt Abena. I dislike self righteous pple. Abena,u rlly dnt av 2 leave a comment u knw. U cld av jst ignored d post since its nt tasteful enough 4 u.

  31. Hawtness11:45

    HMMMMMMMM........I'm so scared of getting married with all this stories I keep reading of married women complaining about their husbands.

  32. captain mary16:27

    I ad to forward dis blog to a friend o, since morning I av been on dis site. I wld b lying if I said I don't get to learn one or two lessons frm u pple, eventhough am not married yet, I av met a lot of men who are wolves in sheep clothing, and ladies pls, sometimes we shld our attitudes too, it sumtimes drives out dis men to oda women outside. No offense intended pls.


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