How To Make Fruit Salad With Fruit Juice

 adding fruit juice to diced fruits
Dear Diary,
 If you are used to enjoying fruit salad with yogurt or milk,
then, just try this out and see what you have been missing. You can use any fruit juice of your choice, I chose citrus burst because of the variety of oranges there, and because I didn't add much oranges to this salad

One thing you may not know about fruit salad is that so little gives so much!  For the fruits displayed here, I can make up to three times more the quantity of salad I made here. I used just about 1/3 of  each of the fruits you see here. Their halves were kept in the refrigerator waiting patiently for another time.

Because of the heat of this season, I used a chill pack of fruit juice to mix. We are just three at home at the moment, so, the left over is kept in the fridge for others.
It was fun enjoying this chill fruit salad on a very hot afternoon.

I enjoy fruits better in the mornings, so I guess tomorrow morning, fruit salad will be my yummy breakfast!
 fruits I picked  for my fruit salad, apples,oranges,pineapple,watermelon, pawpaw
Ingredients For My Simple Fruit Salad:

  • pawpaw
  • pineapple
  • apples
  • oranges
  • water melon 
  • fruit juice

 diced fruits arranged side by side for fruit salad
Steps To Making This Simple Fruit Salad:

  1. Wash and chop or dice fruits into tiny cubes
  2. Arrange them in layers in a fruit bowl or any available container. Reason is so that they are evenly distributed when you dish out.
  3. Serve in deep bowls
  4. Pour in chill fruit juice. The quantity depends on how much each person wants in their salad bowls.

 diced fruits ready to be arranged in layers
 ingredients for my fruit salad, diced fruits with a pack of juice
 fruit salad without juice yet
Keep left over in the fridge, and enjoy when the weather is very hot!
 helping myself out, body no be wood.
I couldn't have asked for more on a very hot day!
Enjoy with your friends and family.
bon apetit!
what else do you add to your fruit salad? please share in the comment section...


  1. 2 prepare abacha! d abacha n a bowl,pour over hot water n set aside 2 soak for 45mins,then drain d water away.pour palm oil n a pot, dissolve potash n warm water and add 2 d palm oil. Pour d abacha in a bowl and add crayfish,dry fish,onions,pepper,salt n maggi. Then pour d palmoil n potash mixture over it n mix well. Garnish wit garden eggs or pomo n uziza leaf n onions!... Mavis

    1. Mavis is it uziza ,I thought its garden egg leaf? Don't know if it has another name.

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    2. Bonario you dey here again all the way from linda ikeji's blog. You seem to be every where .na WA o

  2. Nice one ma. How do I prepare fresh fruit juice? Is it just by blending the diff fruits together or there's more to it?

    1. If you have a fruit juicer, use it, that's all.

    2. .....or blend the fruit, then sieve.

  3. Pls my problem with making fruit salad is d ORANGE. How r my suppose to dice it? R my suppose to peel d inner skin (not d green outer part). Or shld I just squeeze d water inside? Or should I just dice it like that with d inner skin, its a little bitter.

    1. You'll peel the outer part allround, then you can dice. The outer part isn't edible

    2. Hi Amaka, peel out both the green and white parts, cut in halves and remove the seeds before dicing.
      @ Anon 10:01PM, thank you for the reaponse.

  4. Eya, this kitchen is getting more interesting. I hope you din't spoil me with this indulgence! ( I like being pampered this way sha).

  5. Hello Eya, do you make smoothies as well? Pls share some recipes if u do. Tks :)

    1. Ok Chinyere, I will try, by God's grace o.

  6. Bonerio u are everywhere...I hail u.btw nice blog

  7. This bonaira is everywia....nawa ! Lol

  8. Nice one....I add ice-cream(strawberry flavor preferably)to ma fruit salad,ma brodas luv it.will try dis one totally in luv wiv ur blog,nice work.....pls can u give us ur recipe on hw to make coconut rice?winks** 0goma

  9. Adding Ice cream tastes good already. COCONUT RICE? I"ll post soon, just keep checking

  10. Awwwww, i ℓ♥√ع fruit salad.

  11. I love fruits..they're very nourishing. Try making natural fruit juice with a juice extracting machine using apples, pineapples and sweet oranges..oh la la! Nice Work Eya! I'm glad I hv a blog I can visit regularly 4 more naija recipes.

  12. AnonymousMay 10, 2013

    I love this

  13. Just discovered the blog n loving it

  14. So many questions to ask. Can yoghurt be used in place of d juice? Can it be served @ parties? If yes,before it after meal? Tnx

  15. So many questions to ask. Can yoghurt be used in place of d juice? Can it be served @ parties? If yes,before it after meal? Tnx

  16. Nice fruit salad...or almost. Adding a natural juice would have made it totally nice. Why not blend dome of the orange and water melon, and sieve the juice back into the salad?


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