Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fried Brown Beans, Plantain By Shayor

 fried brown beans and plantain By Shayor
This was sent in this evening by Shayor.

2 cups of Brown Beans
1 large green pepper
2 Bulbs of Onions
4 Big Tomatoes
Red Peppers
Vegetable Oil

How i cooked

Picked and washed the beans into a pot of boiling water

Cooked for about 40 mins till it was fairly soft.

Added Salt and Seasoning to taste.

Leave to boil some more till very soft but DO NOT stir so the beans does not mash.

While the beans was cooking, i chopped all the vegetables to a uniform size.

Then put a serving spoon quantity of vegetable oil into a bigger pot.

When the oil is hot, i stir fried d vegetables in it for like 10secs

Then gradually
adding the boiled beans, stirring with a wooden spoon.

Once the veggies were evenly distributed, i turned of the heat and left the pot open for some tym.

Then fried sliced. Salted and fried my plantain as usual!

I must confess, it was really awesome.
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  1. Im a guy but i totally luv foodies....dis looks mmmm.....

  2. This food reminds me of secondary sch days, dinning hall Tuesday mornings we are served beans plantain or with garri like it or leave it!!
    I believe this will taste better dou they look Alike.

    1. Yea! Cos of d colour, right? I tot so The school beans has dt colour cos of inadequate palm oil, dis has none at all, just vegetable oil. And ofcourse, i does taste better. *winks*

  3. Yes d colour.
    So one can use veg oil for beans?
    Learning everyday on Eya's blog.
    Will try dis one day soon.TAnx....queen bee

  4. Wooooww! Where have I been, just missing out on all this mouth watering meals

  5. I prepared this meal last night and i must confess it was so yummy. Hubby just couldnt stop eating it. Thks a lot Eya and Shayor

    1. You are welcome dear! *winks*


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