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Cooking Pepper Soup With Beef And Washed Bitter Leaf

 cooking pepper soup with washed bitter leaf
Ingredients For Simple Pepper Soup:
  • Internal parts of beef
  • A few pieces of real beef
  • seasoning cubes
  • pepper soup spices. ( sold in powdered form)
  • washed bitter leaf
  • ground pepper
  • salt onion
  • water

 a boiling pot of pepper soup with washed bitter leaf 
Cooking Steps For My Simple Pepper Soup:

  1. The washed meat  is further cut into tiny pieces, before adding with the internal parts. Put in a pot with salt, seasoning cubes and chopped onion. It is covered and brought to a boil..
  2. Once it begins to boil, I check for salt and add ground pepper with the pepper soup spices. Cover and allow to boil again before turning down the heat.
  3. Reduce the heat, add washed bitter leaf sparingly, cover and allow to simmer.
  4. Continue to open and stir, check for meat tenderness, and do not increase the heat until cooking is done.
  5. Let it just continue to simmer until it's as tender as you want it.

 yummy pepper soup
I actually ate this soup with boiled rice. It was yummy!
What else do you add to your pepper soup?
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  1. Anonymous16:52

    I can substitute beef for goat meat. Dnt rly like beef a lot.

  2. Anonymous16:56

    Pls naaa teach us how to make nice abacha. U knw wat dat is ryt. Abacha and ugba aka african salad! And who du refer to as d girls? Ur daughters?

    1. I pray one reader gives us steps to making ugba. I always buy it to eat. Have never made it myself. Abacha is boiled edible cassava, that is allowed to cool and then chopped and soaked in water.

      Yes, my daughters.

  3. Yes, I agree with the anon above. Pls teach us Abacha and also how to prepare real banga soup, Delta style...:-) thanks.

    1. Adhaisy, I am also still learning from you guys o.There are a lot of Naija recipes that I'm yet to cook. Once I do and take pictures, I will definitely share.

      I wish one reader will take pity on us and give steps to making banga soup!

    2. Its true have made such nice meals dat I expect you to know everything, forgetting dat you are not a chef:-) Thanks anyway, you are doing a great job!

  4. Yay! Me three,aunty Ojay Abacha Abacha Abacha! Lolz

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  5. Anonymous19:27

    To make banga soup,u need palm kenel seeds, crayfish. Banga spices(native spice),dry pepper,salt. Dry bitter leaf,meat n dry fish. Pound d palm kenel after boiling it,In a motar 2 seperate d oil frm d shaft,mix wit warm water n seive it. Put d liquid back n a pot 2 boil very well. When its a bit thick, add d native spices, meat, dry fish. Pepper etc. U can serve it n native clay pot. It can b eaten wit starch. Eba. Poundo. ... Mavis

    1. wow Mavis! This sounds interesting, I will be the first to try it out with poundo.
      Thank you!

    2. @Mavis, if you cook this, please take pictures and send to me. I will publish in your name.

  6. Ingredient 4 abacha
    Potash,meat,stockfish,dryfish,abacha,onions,cubes,salt,pepper n garden egg leaves. First,soak d abacha in cold water,also put d potash in cold water in a diff plate. Boil d meat,stockfish n dryfish 2geda. Pour out a lil of d potash water,(4got 2 list palmoil as one of  ingredients)add a lil quantity of palmoil 2 d potash water,mix till u get a thick-yellowish coloured mixture,pour in Ųя cooked meat,stockfish n dryfish,add pepper,cubes,onions n salt 2 taste,pour in Ųя abacha(after u must hv drained all d water)taste n if okay by u,add Ųя chopped garden egg leave. Its ready.

  7. chubby "Ella"23:38

    Sori,4got  add one last tin...Ehuru(dnt knw d name in english bt its a pepper soup spice,u shud find it in d market if u ask. It shud b added in d abacha 2)

    1. Thank you Chubby!

    2. Anonymous22:36

      Chubby,plz cook and send pics to Eya .....Bomsy

    3. I second the motion! Chubby, when you cook, please send the pics to and the truth is, I will definitely publish and state that this was sent by Chubby or whatever name you ask me to publish.

      If anyone sends pictures and steps to what they prepared, it will be published in their names. I promise!

  8. Eya, with all these fine recipes maybe you should open a restaurant in Abuja o. Then I can come and eat and write reviews about my experience on my blog lol.

    1. Your reviews are so real, Spynaija, I fear o!

    2. Ahh Eya!!! Don't fear now, you are my blogger friend so if I see something wrong, I will only encourage you to do better I wouldn't be mean I promise :) lol! I am one of your greatest fans i doubt if i would get any chance to write a "not nice" review on your restaurant ... See now, I am already dreaming a restaurant for you o. Lol x

  9. Oh wow! I never knew i could add onugbu to my pepper-soup. I usually use either utazi or nchanwu leaves.

    1. I used utazi once, and it was nice. Drinking water tasted so good after the meal.

  10. sheila17:42

    Eya pls make d abacha now chubby has given us d recipe and re write it in a clearer and easier way. Plssss! Cos im a bit confused. Btw,tanks alot Chubby!


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