Boiled White Rice With Amaranth And Peppered Titus Fish Sent In By Ella

This beautiful dish was prepared by Ella yesterday,
 boiled white rice with Amaranth and peppered sauce

 I prepared this dish for my husband yesterday night. 
he complained about the pepper, he ate everything on his

The dish is really tasty and easy to make. I think the peppered fish sauce took just about  15mins from start to finish.

I also made  pancakes yesterday!


  1. I don't know of other people o, but for me, titus fish is a delicacy in fried sauce. You just made it complete with the veggies. Good cook. Nice wknd!

  2. Queen Bee15:03

    Yes titus fish stew is so tasty,but this amarantus leaf,I notice it tastes bitter when prepared like that,is there any special way its been prepared?

    1. I understand there are two types now. How did I know? Fell victim and couldn't eat the bitter veggies. These days I stopped buying from those my mallams. I ask the table women who sell ugu for native/local green.
      That native one is more expensive, but it gives you the real taste of green. The best!

  3. I understand there are two types now. How I did I know? I fell victim and could not eat the bitter veggies. These days, I ask the market women who sell ugu for native/local green.
    That native one has the real taste of green, It's more expensive, but the best.

  4. Anonymous01:21

    Eya must u add fish in all ur foods. I dnt eat fish,i dnt like it for various reasons so each tym i open ur blog,its fish dis fish dat. Turns me off. Sum ppl dnt eat fish lik u do. Help us!

    1. Sorry dear, but, I didn't cook this.
      You can replace fish with whatever source of protein that you like. It's still Ok. I love fish, and it's actually my secret ingredient...
      Thanks for saying your mind.
      Have a great week!

    2. If you send pictures of any Nigerian/ African dish you prepared without fish, or even with fish, I will publish it here so we can learn too.

  5. Anonymous09:26

    Ok much beta. Tanks.

  6. Anonymous15:27

    Peppered fish??? Any special recipe!!!


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