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A Look At The US Presidential Candidates' Wives

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.
Michelle Obama, official White House portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With the ongoing debates and polls about who did or did not do better at both the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates' debates, TV has become so much fun because one cannot help but laugh and learn at the same time. The Candidates are doing great, however, their wives are doing greater.

The way and manner
in which Michelle Obama and Ann Romney give interviews, make good speeches and talk with so much ease during these campaign period, one would think that these gorgeous wives could have been better candidates than their husbands. 

I have a feeling that the women are so relaxed and well co -ordinated because the bulk of the pressure does not fall on their shoulders. They are supportive of their husbands. They put in time no doubt, but not comparable to what the men are going thru. The spotlight is directly on the men whether they enjoy it that much or not. Michelle's speech was the bomb. Anne's campaigning is also the bomb. She co-hosted beautifully on ABC's Good Morning America.

I would love to look at the Family Lives of these two beautiful women side by side.

Michelle Obama Vs Ann Romney
Ann Romney
Ann Romney (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ann Romney:Ann Romney is about 15 years older than Michelle Obama. She has been a First Lady before, that was when her husband served as Governor of Massachusetts. Ann converted to Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints after she met her husband whose Family were already Mormons. Did you know that her Parents could not attend her wedding because they were not Mormons? Although they made it to the wedding breakfast.
Her Mother and two brothers also converted to Mormonism but her father did not. 
Did you know that Ann Romney raised her five boys as a Stay -At-Home-Mom, while her husband worked?  Her health, and taking care of her family prevented her from going on for a Master's Degree. This reminds me of a post I published some time ago, where I said that I do agree with the topic "Women Can't Have It All" A child is a great Responsibly, multiply that responsibility by the number of kids you have and see why some times friends who have no kids are likely to be more successful in their other endeavors.  Their whole time and undivided attention is focused on Career while most of your time as a parent is given to your family. Children are a blessing that should be received with appreciation and love. Ann Romney gave all the early years of her marriage to taking care of her boys.  I cannot say that she lost anything because if you succeed as a mother, then you are a great success story too. 

Raising five boys is not a very easy thing to do. If you have just one boy at home, you know how energetic they can be. Two boys and your sitting room is a mess, with three, you are ready to work double. With four, five, you can imagine! She is a strong woman. Won the war against multiple sclerosis and is now living a healthy life free of the disease.  The sixty three year old  has been married for about 43 years.

Michelle Obama:
We all do know that Michelle is the first African American First Lady of the United States Of America. She is a strong woman! A dedicated wife and caring mother to Malia and Sasha. Michelle is a woman who loves her family dearly. She is very supportive of her husband. As a wife, Michelle was concerned that politics and being the President of  a great country like The United States Of America was going to change her husband. Right now she is very happy and proud of her dear husband because he is still The Barack Obama that creates time for his family no matter what. 

Did you know that Michelle Obama was on the honor roll of Whitney Young High School for four times? She is a role model. She inspires a lot of women, especially black women. She is a fashion Icon. When I see her in her dresses, the 48 year old rocks it like a woman in her thirties.  Michelle can do rounds on the skip rope like a 16 year old. She is a mother who spends time teaching the First Children that they are not going to live in the White House all their lives, and so should learn to do some chores themselves. I admire her for  that. 
Although Michelle's Mother is with them at the white house, she still finds time to teach her girls important life lessons by herself.

 Who do you think will debate better? Michelle Obama or Ann Romney?
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  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    michelle obama is surely the better debater


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