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Unripe plantain porridge with smoked fish

 My plantain porridge
This is my delicious Plate of Plantain Porridge. This is a very Healthy Meal for even Diabetics, the plantain is neither Sweet nor Sugary because it is still Unripe and Fresh. My girls used to prefer Ripe Plantain 'cos it tastes sweet, but with the way I cook the unripe one, they have changed, and now prefer Unripe Plantain Porridge, unripe plantain with
Green Vegetable Soup, unripe plantain with Stew or even Roasted and eaten with Cooking Oil Garnished with Raw Onions.

Unripe plantain can also be Boiled, Fried as Plantain Crisps or cooked as porridge the way I have prepared
The Fish even makes it more Healthy. I prefer fish to meat,( not Chicken anyway) so, basically, I cook with fish except on a few occasions  when I cook meat for the kids. Red beef is available every where here, but I do not think that it is a wise choice for us adults.( don't hate me o)

The Kind of Meals I enjoy eating are the Porridges. They Taste Better when cooked with dry ( smoked) fish
than with meat except  if the meat is Salted and dried before use.

I do not really know why this plate of porridge looked better on the table than in this picture. Will get another picture and replace this , but that will be when next I cook unripe plantain porridge.


  1. A small bunch of unripe plantain
  2. Smoked fish
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Palm oil ( a little quantity in the soup laddle)
  5. Pepper
  6. Seasoning. eg  knorr cubes
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Water
  9. Hot leaf or utazi ( a very small quantity of green vegetable)
This dish doesn't need much Ingredients to cook.
I boiled the fish in a small Pot of Water,with salt and seasoning already in it. Allowed it to boil before putting in the peeled and Chopped Plantain Pieces, so that the plantain gets a little bit hardened before it begins to cook. That way it tastes better when the cooking is done.

A little palm oil is added and the pot is covered to allow the mixture boil. I open the lid and stir occasionally to enable the Stock Thicken, without frequent stirring, the cooking gets completed in a Watery Pot. The porridge looks watery. That's why I stir frequently to get it to the Consistency I want.

When I noticed that it was beginning to thicken, I sprinkled the very little hot leaf ( vegetable) and the mushrooms and then covered the pot. 

Dear Diary, sometimes when I want the fish to remain intact so that I see pieces to chew, I add the fish at the same time with the plantain, so that it doesn't Over-Cook and fall off before the cooking is done.
After all the ingredients have been put in the pot, I taste to ensure that the meal is ready and it is what I want, then I turn off the Cooker, dish and we have a good time filling our tummies.

This same Recipe is what I use to make the Unripe Plantain Farm House. The only difference is that for farm house, I add some Beans to the list of Ingredients. 

This can be eaten at any time of the day. I am talking about me now, not you dear diary, 'cos I know that you are used to Tea and Coffee in the morning. But for me this Original African Woman, I can eat this delicacy in the morning, afternoon or at... well for dinner I haven't tried it, but I know that if I try, I will enjoy this at Dinner too.
The Palm Oil makes it colourful.
Do you know that when there is no palm oil, a little scoop of Tomato Paste adds good colour to Food and does not change the  Natural Flavour of food, if you make it as little as possible.

If you salt and dry your beef, it will be a perfect addition to this Healthy Meal.
This is my exact method of Cooking Porridge Yam too.
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  1. Thanks for the invite, this look sooo good!!! :-)

  2. You are welcome Precious. Wishing you a healthy appetite!


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