Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One blogging mistake You Must Avoid

Dear blogger, or blogging hopeful, are you sure that you have not made this mistake already? The mistake of  multi tasking blogging. The mistake of not focusing on one project at a time. I got something from Daily blog tips and after reading, decided that it is worth sharing with fellow bloggers. Especially those of us that are still new and young in the blogging business.

 For those who have the intention of blogging but have not yet started, you are fortunate to have clicked on this post because there is a deadly mistake that paralyzes bloggers
and sometimes even leads them to a state of despair. 

When a new blog is created, and it is doing well and may be bringing in good income. There is the temptation to create more blogs so that the income flow can be doubled, tripled or even multiplied by four. This temptation is so strong that you feel like; "If I can achieve so much with one blog, then increasing the blogs will multiply the success and income by the number I have created." You are so damn wrong

Successful blogging requires  focus,  attention, dedication and above all passion. Why your blog is successful is because of the help you are getting from God, and this help comes by way of your being in good health, having the resources needed for blogging and being able to remain focused. Your blogging is successful because your time and attention is given to it.

The moment you fall into the temptation of starting another blog while this one is still in it's developmental stage, you run the risk of dividing the 100% attention that used to be focused on just one blog into two , three or whatever number of blogs you chose to create. When this attention is divided, the growth rate drops, you may not know there is a drop, because you cannot tell where it would have reached if you had focused solely on it.

All the blogs will still be growing may be, but I can assure you that the growth level will not be compared to what you could have achieved by focusing on one until it is established  and can continue to run without much supervision from you.
Once a blog or company is established, then it is congratulations to the blogger who can now increase the number. even at that, let the blog or website increment be at  the rate of one at a time, To avoid decreased supervision and increased slow growth.

I started using Pidgin English on some of my post, then I get this comment from a great reader who feels offended by the language. She explains that having to read a blog post in pidgin English gets her angry, and then I realize that not every reader is a Nigerian, and that people want to read what will improve their language skills and diction and not what will leave them only entertained with no new spelling or phrase to learn. 

I came to a conclusion, and even discussed with my girls that I am going to start a new blog which will be written in Pidgin Language for those who enjoy pidgin ( after all, I also read a comment from another reader who enjoyed the Pidgin English post) The new blog was to be called: "My pidgin English blog" In case you are planning to start blogging and you enjoy the pidgin English Language, You can take that topic and work on it. Google pidgin is there to give you guidance and help, all in Pidgin English. Wish you Success, but do not forget to come back and say a thank you.

By the way, after reading about the deadly mistake made by bloggers, I have decided to put that on hold and divert my energy and resources to my two blogs.

  1. wives townhall connection
  2. welcome to joy ojay's kitchen diary 
Focusing on these two blogs is what I have decided to do, pending when they get established and can take care of themselves in a way. With just these two, anyone who reads both blogs will realize that the other one is suffering, it is not getting the attention that wives town hall connection is receiving from me.  I have saved a lot of meals , but have not been able to post them because I need time to write down their recipes So, what is worth doing, is worth doing well.

When your new site is established, you are free, but for now, put your energy, time and prayers into that one that you have at hand, so that you do not become a jack of all trade and master of none. Starting another blog is free of course and very exciting, BUT, do not do it just yet. The energy that would have been used in maintaining two sites should be diverted into that one at hand, and you will see success chasing after you.

 In case you have already made that mistake, it is not too late to take a major decision. Yes, just sell the second and third blogs or put them on hold for now, while your energy is channeled towards the continuous growth of your "first child."

Do you know of any other mistake that should be avoided? please feel free to share it with us here. Thanks.


  1. This is indeed a useful tip. I tried it too by creating a separate Website dedicated to JOBS, only because i didn't want my original multipurpose blog to be filled with Job posts.

    Can't even find time to manage it so i gave it out for rent. The new owner pays a percentage to me.

  2. Giving it out for rent is the best thing you did for yourself, the multipurpose blog and the new blog. You will now be more dedicated to the old blog and help it grow faster, while the new blog is also being taken care of. Thanks.

  3. Ameenah9:55 AM

    I benefitted from evrytin i av read here,really thanks very much.
    though i am an intending blogger am a bit scared!!!

  4. Ameenah10:06 AM

    fears are;am young,don,t know if my intellectual possession is enough for it,besides facility for it is pending,but i av read your comments that reflects your good personality and i must say i admire you.

    1. @Ameenah, if you have a computer with Internet Connection. Start from there...


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