Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Vegetable Macaroni With Fish In Seasoned Sauce

 a serving of vegetable macaroni garnished with chopped ripe bananas. Yummy
 vegetable macaroni with sauce and chopped ripe bananas   
Dear Diary,
I cooked a meal today that my whole family enjoyed and could not stop asking for more. The dish was so sumptuous, it looked so colorful and inviting: *My macaroni abi na pasta dey call am.* A mixture of different vegetables just made it my perfect macaroni. I never was a macaroni fan. 

I used to boil rice for myself every time I cooked macaroni for
my family. However, this has changed today since I started varying my macaroni cooking, unlike just boiling to serve with stew. Trying different macaroni recipes has helped me discover that I can enjoy macaroni. This, is one of those recipes  I LOVE!

With the way I enjoyed this dish, My macaroni  has become my special dish.
Variety is what I love when it comes to meals. I love to vary the way I cook a particular type of food. I can swallow pounded yam, eba (garri), semovita, semolina, starch or even amala every lunch time, but, it must not be the same  type of soup.

Vary the  methods of cooking a dish, change the soups, and you get me eating a particular type for as long as it is available. What is difficult impossible when it comes to meal choices and preparation,  is eating the same type of food that is prepared with the same method daily. If you cannot change the meal, change the method of cooking it or give it a different aroma every time it is served. I believe that variety is the spice of healthy eating.

Diary, I promise to feed you with more colorful dishes 'cos You and I know  if it is colorful enough, then it is healthy enough.

  1. macaroni
  2. canned fish
  3. kidney beans
  4. shrimps (optional)
  5. Ripe bananas ( chopped)
  6. carrots
  7. peas
  8. curry
  9. Soya or vegetable oil
  10. seasoning
  11. salt
  12. water
  • In a pot of boiling water, pour in the macaroni. ( Remember you are not going to pour the water away. That water is going to give you the macaroni sauce, so put as little as can just cook it. If the pot begins to dry when cooking is not done, add more water) Add some curry along with the macaroni. Pour in enough curry to change the color. Boil for about 2 minutes.
  • Add salt, two teaspoons of vegetable oil, some pepper and knorr cube seasoning, then cover. Be checking for softness, so it doesn't over cook. This particular one took 12 minutes to cook but, there are some types of pasta that take up to 15 minutes.

  • Let it boil for about two minutes before you pour in the canned fish. If you go for fresh fish, try to boil the fish with some onion and salt before adding it to the pot of macaroni.

  • When it begins to get a bit soft, add the chopped carrots, peas, and kidney beans. Stir just once.
  • The shrimps are cooked in a separate pot and kept in a container. They are added to the dish when the cooking is done. Shrimps come in just before the cooker is turned off.

  • The Ripe banana comes in when it is completely cooked and served. *Do not cook  bananas.* They are chopped and placed  as a side when meal is served. Bananas just have a way of giving the meal a very special taste. Do not let the pot dry up, the sauce that does the cooking should be served together.


  1. Great writing! I hope one day to taste this recipe of yours'---happy cooking!
    I can't say that I have even half the ambition to cook with such variety----so I welcome the challenge! You'll be an inspiration to encourage me to vary the meals! ;-)

  2. Thanks Natalie,vary them, and I bet there will be no more left overs in your kitchen!


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