Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Curried Rice Served With Vegetables And Fish

 my curried rice served with fresh vegetables and fish
Dear Diary,
This plate of rice was actually consumed by me, I could not empty the plate because the quantity is much.
  1. washed rice
  2. Canned fish
  3. Much curry
  4. grand soya oil
  5. kidney beans
  6. peas
  7. cucumber
  8. onion
  9. Knorr seasoning
  10. salt
  11. pepper
  12. water
This is a meal that can be cooked in thirty minutes, so I can call it the thirty minutes meal.
The onion is stir
fried with seasoning, fresh pepper and some curry.

The boiled or canned fish is added and covered for a short while before adding water. After the addition of water, the mixture is tasted to ensure that the salt is to taste, after tasting, I added some salt and some curry. The curry is what gives it that kind of fried rice colour. The washed rice is poured into the pot.

The pot is covered and brought to a boil. Once it starts boiling, the heat is reduced to let it cook slowly. I do not like adding water to my Jollof rice cos it reduces the taste of the rice, so I put enough water at the first instance, reduce the heat and let it cook slowly. Without reducing the heat, water dries up fast leaving the food uncooked.

When the water level has reduced considerably, I taste again to see whether I need to add some salt or more knorr seasoning.

It is covered again and allowed to continue to simmer.
When it is done, the chopped cucumber is used to garnish. In this case, I added the cucumber to my plate and Hunny's,  because the girls didn't want. They preferred the beans and peas alone.

I love eating my rice with cucumber because of the crunchy sound  when I chew. I also love to eat rice with bananas, but I could not go out to get some, so I made do with what is available. improvisation is always recommended and important in the kitchen.
Enjoy this meal on a hot afternoon, serve it as lunch and get all the accolades from the eaters!


  1. That plate right there is very healthy. I like the vegetable bit. I see you spend time to balance your meals out. Quite commendable

  2. Thank you MSJB. I try as much as possible to make my food my medicine.


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