Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Overcome a Break Up ( contd)

With all the pain and hurt in you heart, consciously plaster a smile on your face. As much as you can, wear a smile. He does not see the frown anymore, so, let others who look at you, see the beautiful smiling face. Do not carry a blank face like a mourner. Try not to let his exit affect the way you showcase yourself to other people OK? Remember the following:

  • You must start by putting in extra energy, like forcing yourself to look good. Wear make up, dress smartly and beautifully.
  • Include dance and exercise in your daily or weekly routine and experience the difference after each round.
  • Look in the mirror frequently, if you do not like the image you see in there, then, make it what you will like to see.
  • Do not hate your ex. Hate actually delays the healing process, Forgive him. By forgiving, I do not mean that you forget about what happens. By forgiving, you convince yourself not to revenge if given the chance. You can read more on forgiveness in a previous post:  why i forgive but do not forget. 
  • The heart is not a computer with delete and edit keys, so, you will continue to reflect over what happened, but that should not take over your whole being. It becomes a depression when you allow yourself to lose interest in life and other things that made you happy before now.
  • Do not lie down in your room and wait for a miracle while you know that he  or she has moved on. Pull yourself together and move on. I do not suggest that you jump into a relationship immediately, but be around those you love like family and friends.
  • Give yourself just two reasons why you must be happy and write them down where your eyes will always read them.
  • Talk about it with people you can trust, if there is no body around that you trust, You can trust your journal. Write it down in your journal as if you are talking to someone.
  • When you pray about it, vent your heart out. Pour your soul out until you feel a lightness within you. Pour it out from the depth of your heart like you talk to your dear Father when you are hurt.
  • A smile face radiates positivity around you, it brings out a kind of positive energy that can magnate positive people to you.
  • Do for yourself those special things that make you happy, like giving yourself a beautiful gift, eating your favorite dish, putting on your best outfits, and visiting your favorite spots.

  1. Look for the lesson you need to learn that can make you a better person. The earlier you find out the lesson, the better for you. Learning the lesson that this break up has to teach, enables you to move on and be a better person
  2. Before you get involved again try to know the other person a little bit more than you knew your ex.
  3. Read good books that will make you smarter and wiser.

  • Why you act the way you do. By Gary Smalley
  • The DNA of Relationship. By Gary Smalley.
I suggest this books because  I learn a lot from reading Gary Smalley's books.

There is this book I hear is good too, but haven't read it yet. You may want to try it too.
  • How to analyze people on sight. By Elise Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict.
One final word, Tomorrow , you will look back at this incidence, and call it your past.


  1. Hmn, nice tips. Thanks for visiting my blog & following

  2. You are welcome Toinlicious. Please stop by again.

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Thanx a lot, ur piece just helpd quicken my healing process nd I cnt wait 2 gt my hands on those referenced books. Thanx in a million.

    1. You are welcome dear. Check in good especially Christian Bookshops OK?


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