Friday, July 27, 2012

How can I discover my true self?

 While growing up in my village, I started even as a young girl, to gather other kids my age, and begin to teach them by mimicking my favorite teacher then, Mr Williams, may his soul rest in peace. I will hold a cane in my left hand with a piece of  chalk on the other. Stand in front of my friends and try to teach whatever I learnt in school that day. Surprisingly,
these kids parents return to thank me for a class that was supposed to be like children playing. The kids go back home, recite whatever I taught them and their parents are impressed. I grow older, and as a teenager, I begin to teach the children's Sunday school class in my local church.
Then I grow much older, I graduate into teaching the teenage Sunday school class, and honestly I still remember the faces of those who came to tell me how my teaching affected their lives.

Later on, I write JAMB examination hoping to read a course that will really pay much money when I eventually get a job. However, after failing the examination twice, I decide to try the Polytechnics and Colleges of Education Examination. I passed this one at my first trial and then consoled myself that there is always direct entry after the three year Programme. 
 While combining my teaching career with further studies, there is no where I have taught, without winning several awards. It took my inability to pass University JAMB at that time, to tow me back to where I needed to be. It shouldn't cost you lost years, to realize who you are and what your destiny is. Your "destiny" is nothing spiritual, it is the true you that is inside.

I have a good voice, and can sing, I so much love good music, however, when I sing, people do not get the impact that is felt when I teach.
 My singing does not change lives the way my teaching does. Because I can sing, does not mean that is my destiny. Because people eat my meals and lick their plates with requests for more does not make cooking, or say being a chef, my destiny.
 My destiny proves itself in the one thing that touches lives and changes lives in the most effective way. I am multi-talented, but the one area that really fulfilled my destiny, and it is still, whether I am still in the classroom or not, it  is teaching. 

That you love to exercise like me, or that you love watching the Olympic games, does not mean that your destiny is in sports or that you are an athlete. You need to ask yourself, is this where your best manifests itself? Is this the one that gives you the most happiness when you do it? Is it the one that has the capability to bring out your very best? Do you look forward To doing it, or look forward to weekends, when you can experience some freedom? When you are fulfilling your destiny, challenges, stress, tiredness and discouragement will all be felt,  but they cannot make you hate or despise what You do. 
 The thought of What you are doing right now, does it make you secretly happy or sad. Right now, it isn't about what we try to show to others. It is not about the impression we create around us, but the true feeling that we we have right inside of us.

 Your love for music is not enough to convince you that your destiny is in music. There are other qualities to look out for, like:  

  1. Having a great singing voice
  2. Having a body that can really move with grace when you dance, or when you learn to dance. Remember, " not every body shape or type agrees with dancing. 
  3. Having the ability to charm and hold your listeners spellbound when you sing.
  4. Sometimes, the ability to compose songs is also a factor to consider
  5. Does your body have some natural swag?
  6. If your answer to number 1 to 5 is No, then know that you are just a music lover like me and help yourself by getting all the music videos that you can, and listen to music everyday of the week if you like, but locate that one thing in you that you can really  and truly enjoy doing, and that will let you shine anywhere and anytime. You can only excel and shine effortlessly when you discover that one thing that brings out the best in you.

 In the destiny of life, when you put yourself in your true domain, it is just you being in your original element. The struggle to excel is not as much as when you put yourself where situations and society want you to be.

My true self is being exactly where I am cut out to be.
My true self cannot be found in me becoming a preacher just because I have the power of persuasive speaking, NO! That is not all that is required. Aside from speaking like an orator, am I selfless, am I humble, Can I put others before myself? Can I live a sacrificial life?
If my answer to the other questions is no, then my ability to be a good public speaker does not mean that I am a preacher. It may just mean that I am a counselor or a public speaker.

My true self is hidden right inside the true me, right inside what my body, and my person can really do in this life, and not in what others chose for me.

As a mother, careful observation of my children, lets me discover their destinies even before they grow up to find out what they are truly cut out for.

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  1. I enjoyed this post. it is very insightful and has given me hope in deciding what am doing presently.


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