Friday, July 13, 2012

Boiled Rice with white soup ( afia efere), chicken and Fish

 White soup (afia efere)

 Boiled rice with white soup
Dear Diary,
This is my Boiled White Rice, mixed with Carrot cubes  and eaten with  Soup.Having eaten so much of Rice with Stew (Tomato Sauce), I am now coming up with other types of Sauces and Soups that can aid my enjoyment of rice. I am a Rice Eater, I love rice with good stew.

This Picture too is not very clear and I am  still trying to figure out why. For now can you just make do diary? The taste is in the eating you know. It is not in the look. 

  1. Rice
  2. Chicken
  3. A slice of boiled yam
  4. fresh fish
  5. beef
  6. Vegetable Oil
  7. Seasoning
  8. Hot leaf
  9. Onions
  10. Red Pepper
  11. Salt
  12. Water
Firstly, I cooked the white soup. ( it is not actually white in colour, but just a name because it can be cooked without palm oil. I add a little drop of oil for some colour, and, so that a very delicious pot of soup doesn't end up  looking like a dog's vomit. The meat is boiled first with seasoning, salt and some Chopped Onions until tender. The Chicken is also boiled the same way but in different Pots. When the meat is tender enough, I add Some Water to the Stock, and increase it to the size of soup I want to cook.  The Chicken Stock is filtered and poured into the pot that has the Beef Stock. The chicken is not added at this time so that it doesn't  over-cook.  The fresh fish is boiled separately with onion and salt before being added when the spou is almost done. That way the tender pieces pf fish are not crushed by the stirring ladle  The chicken can only come in when the cooking of the Rice is done.

Back to the soup, the piece of Boiled Yam is Mashed or Pounded and added to the boiling pot of soup to thicken it. The shredded vegetable ( hot leaf)  is also added,  Salt and Seasoning cubes are added  again if they are still needed. The Parboiled Chicken is also added and allowed to Simmer a little.

When I am satisfied with the thickness of the soup, I Turn off the Cooker. 
served hot with the  boiled rice.
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