Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Personal Tip For Heavy, Long Menstrual Periods!

Ladies, you will agree with me that when our periods come, it can be a period of not just feeling 100% comfortable. Especially if you get heavy flow and if it lasts longer than three days.
I tried something this year 2012, and it is really working for me.
Once my periods set in, I go get fresh
Ugu (Fluted pumpkin) vegetable. I prefer the very green leafy type.  blend with a little water and take a glass in the morning and another at night ( most times I skip the night glass because it keeps me awake at night).

The green juice is supposed to be extracted with an extractor  but I do not have one so, I  use my blender to do the job. lol!
I cannot say how it happens but it is almost immediate for me. Once I close my eyes and gulp this drink (with no additive). The result is almost immediate. The flow just reduces in a couple minutes, and on such months when I take this drink, The flow just doesn't exceed three days. I am sure that science can explain why, But for me I just reluctantly take it cos it is healthy.

I am so allergic to cold. Cannot stand very cold temperatures. It is either my chest, shoulders and feet are  well covered or I get an instant cough and catarrh. I realized that every time I take this green leafy vegetable drink regularly, Cough and catarrh avoid me even when my whole body is exposed  to cold.  I think it helps with equipping the body to fight cold. too.
Have you tasted any green leafy drink before? 


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Sweet heart thanks alot for the tips, i will give it a try cos i usually experience long flows.

    Thanks God bless you.

  2. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Yes I have!In a bid to add a little flesh,I drank Ugu and it was absolutely disgusting!Yuck! I'm not that desperate to grow fat,so I haven't tried it after then! :)Kehinde.

    1. To grow gain weight, carbohydrates work for me more than anything.


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