Sunday, June 17, 2012

Help! my wife sleeps in the sitting room!

    Ladies, I got this form a man, he says that he is a regular reader of this young blog, and that he is  sending it to me because he needs ladies' advice on the matter. I got it very early this morning.

Dear ladies,
My wife suddenly developed a new habit, which is spending the night in the sitting room.
We have been peacefully married for fourteen years,  our  two boys are in boarding school, and I think that this is when
I need her most.
I grew up with loving parents who are still married today. When we walk outside, we are the envy of our neighbours, no one would think that my dear wife has deserted our bedroom, and chosen the sitting room instead.
This new habit started in April, I did not see it as something to worry about, because in the morning, she still smiles at me, comes to the room, sits by my side and shows that she still cares. (so I think).
When she started,   I tried to know why, but she said there was no problem, that she just discovered that she sleeps better in the sitting room. That it is more quiet there.
The truth is, I am not a heavy sleeper, I wake up several times at night, some of those times I try to watch sports or news and I know that she doesn’t like it cos she complains and sometimes she places the pillow over her  head. I do not know if this is what drove my own wife to the sitting room.

I also do not think that this is enough reason to make her avoid our bedroom.
Initially, I joined her in the sitting room, but I am not comfortable with this arrangement.
If we make the sitting room our sleeping place, what happens to the bedroom? Do we leave it for mosquitoes and cockroaches?
Every time I try to know what the matter is, she tells me that she is very OK and that I should stop bothering myself.
Please ladies, I do not want this marriage to fail, and I sincerely want to know what my wife is thinking. I want to know those things that can make a woman begin to sleep in a sitting room?
Please help my marriage!


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    You just answered it yourself,the television disturbs her, she dosen't want to offend u by complaining. I'll do d same myself. She is getting older by d day and i think it gets to her more now.Please make the sacrifice of watching your tv programes in d palour. Cheers and more happy years in your marriage.

  2. ^^You have said it all.

  3. So true!! its the sports and news at night.


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